Medio Systems Launches Medio inGenius™, Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics Solution

Provides Proven Analytics Technology to Drive Customer Monetization for Connected Devices

March 15, 2012

Seattle, WA. Medio Systems, Inc., an established provider of applied predictive analytics technologies and products, today announced the launch of the Medio inGenius Suite, a comprehensive, big data analytics solution for discovering revenue opportunities in customer usage patterns on connected devices. Available now, the inGenius Suite enables companies to gather deep customer insights and to deliver more relevant and actionable content and services to their customers. Medio's proven technology allows application publishers and service providers across a variety of industries- including gaming, retail, finance, mobile and entertainment - to better understand, engage and monetize their customers.

In the past, implementing advanced customer segmentation and analytics solutions required committing big investments in hardware, software and analytics departments, which only large organizations could afford. The introduction of the cloud-based Medio inGenius Suite dramatically changes the analytics landscape, allowing companies and developers of all sizes and technical-skill levels to benefit from advanced predictive analytics for connected applications and services.

The Medio inGenius Suite is a third-generation platform. The company has packaged its proven technology into a cloud-based service that delivers unmatched time-to-benefit and value. inGenius uses a set of predictive analytics algorithms to combine critical real-time information, such as location, device type, and application usage, with customer propensities and interest.

"We founded Medio on the idea that great user experiences ultimately drive business value and new revenue opportunities for companies," said Rob Lilleness, CEO, Medio Systems. "We've spent the last five years developing advanced engineering and data science technologies specifically for understanding customer behavior across connected device applications and services, Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies have utilized our technology. We believe Medio is the largest cloud-based analytics solution for connected devices in the world, with more than 105+ million unique users, 550+ million daily events and 15+ billion recommendations and targeted ads served on more than 10,000 different mobile devices," said Lilleness.

The initial product in Medio's inGenius Suite is Medio inSight™. Using the inSight SDK, developers can easily instrument their applications to begin collecting user events and usage data, turning them into powerful customer insights. Using advanced predictive analytics technology, Medio inSight unearths unique user segments that can be analyzed and tracked by application, geography and other relevant application metrics, depending on industry, across multiple connected devices. Sophisticated usage, event, retention and reach metrics enable companies to instantly see how their customers are interacting with every aspect of an application or service.
About Medio Systems

Medio Systems provides predictive analytics solutions for a connected world. Using a big data, cloud-based solution, Medio delivers real-time analytics capabilities increasing end-user engagement and transforming data into action and significant business value. Today, Medio's scalable Hadoop platform supports more than 105+ million users generating 550+ million daily events and serves more than 15 billion recommendations, ads, content, services and offers. A privately held company, Medio is backed by Accel Partners, Trilogy Equity Partners, Frazier Technology Ventures and Mohr Davidow Ventures. The company is headquartered in Seattle. For more information, visit

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