5 ways to get more out of your current audio system

If you would like to get even more out of your current audio system, then check out the following, smart solutions from the Marmitek 'Listen Anywhere' category.

Perhaps not at the same level of intensity and maybe not the same genre but everybody has their own musical connections and expresses these in their own way, whether this involves listening via an MP3 player or a high-end amplifier. If you would like to get even more out of your current audio system, then check out the following, smart solutions from the Marmitek 'Listen Anywhere' category.

1. Wireless speaker cable
Take Bart, for example. After a busy day at the office, he loves nothing more than indulging in great music in the evening. To make the most of his music, he stretches out on his sofa, in the middle of all of the speakers in his living room. He certainly does not want to see loose cables running over the floor, so Bart has connected his (wired) speakers wirelessly using the Marmitek Surround Anywhere 220.

2. Relaxing in the bathroom
Manon has a Marmitek Speaker Anywhere 350 in her bathroom so that she can listen to her favourite 80's tunes even when she's in the bath, without laying cables or having to put her expensive laptop in the damp bathroom.

3. Party in the garden
Yvon loves having garden parties and BBQs. And when she's sitting with friends in the garden, she loves to be able to play her latest musical discoveries in the garden too. She does not, however, want to put her expensive speakers outdoors. So, for this purpose, she has bought a set of portable speakers which can be installed in 2 minutes. The Marmitek Speaker Anywhere 400.

4. Mobile music
Vincent, the gadget-man, saves all his music in his smartphone. He likes to be able to listen to Spotify™ or play games with excellent sound quality. The built-in speakers on his phone are not really sufficient, so Vincent uses the Marmitek BoomBoom 150!

5. Get more out of your HiFi installation
Paul has all of his music on a tablet and that is where it is set to stay. And thank goodness for that, because Eurovision song contest tunes are not everyone's cup of tea. His children, however, love this type of music so when he is at home he plays these songs via his audio system. Straight from his tablet… using the Marmitek BoomBoom 75.

Check out the video on how the BoomBoom 75 works: http://youtu.be/IwS26ZDZEGY

So if you want to listen to music at a variety of locations or with improved sound quality, then turn to Marmitek Listen Anywhere!

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