Numonics Corporation Announces CLEVERTOUCH Interactive Touchscreen Overlays for Professional Displays and Consumer TV's

CLEVERTOUCH is a touchscreen overlay that transforms a flat panel display or TV into an interactive touchscreen to control a connected PC or digital media player. It is the latest innovation from Numonics Corporation a pioneer in the development of digital presentation devices for industry and education.

Montgomeryville, PA February 08, 2012

Numonics Corporation, a pioneer in pen-based digital presentation solutions, announced today CLEVERTOUCH™ its newest optical interactive touchscreen overlay designed for easy installation over commercial flat panel displays creating an interactive environment with a connected computer.

"The CLEVERTOUCH touchscreen overlay is a cost effective way to transform a commercial flat screen display or consumer TV into an interactive touchscreen in minutes," stated Alfred N. Basilicato, President and CEO of Numonics Corporation. "CLEVERTOUCH connects to a computer via a standard USB cable and comes with easily installed drivers to calibrate the screen. By using our unique strapping system the CLEVERTOUCH overlay is attached to the display securely."

Easily retrofit your flat panel display or TV into an interactive multi-touchscreen with Optical Sensing technology integrated in a custom bezel that installs over the display. The integral USB cable provides both the required power to the touchscreen and the communication link between the touchscreen and the attached computer or digital signage controller. CLEVERTOUCH will work with LCD, LED or Plasma displays and Numonics offers a three year warranty with product registration. It is available immediately in a variety of sizes from 40" to 85" for windows based computer environments.

"Interactive touchscreen displays are the perfect tool to enhance computer presentations in business and education, promote products or services in retail, improve digital signage messaging and add a new dimension to command and control situations," stated Tom Harwick,
Numonics Sales Manager. "Numonics introduced the world's first "pen-centric" interactive whiteboard in 1994 and contributed to the digital revolution that has taken place in classrooms, conference rooms and training centers across the globe. Touchscreen technology is our latest innovation."

Numonics pioneered live web-based training which is available to all CLEVERTOUCH customers "at no charge" Live interactive training sessions insure the efficient use of the accompanying CLEVERTOOLS™ software that permits live annotation over images from various business and education software.

About Numonics Corporation
Numonics Corporation is a Veteran-owned, award-winning technology pioneer in pen-based digital presentation solutions including interactive whiteboards, RF remote slates, interactive monitors and touchscreen displays. The company is certified ISO 9001, backed by 40 years of innovation, design, development and manufacturing experience. Numonics' products are available through an international network of systems integrators, OEMs, and resellers and accessories are available at the Numonics "online store." Learn more at, or contacting us by phone: 215-362-2766, or e-mail: numonics(at)numonics(dot)com.

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