Runco's New LightStyle Projector Opens New Opportunities for Big Screen Entertainment in the Home

Proprietary technology delivers high performance and a sleek design that installs with ease, fits the design of any room.

Amsterdam, NL - ISE 2011 - 31/01 - 02/02 -Room G105 - Runco®, the leading brand in luxury display solutions, will showcase its new LightStyle™ LS-100d with NEAR™ (Next generation Extreme Aligned Reflection™) ultra-short throw (UST) lens system at ISE2012. Delivering 92-inch diagonal image that fits any setting, the LS-100d combines unsurpassed performance and clever industrial design with an attractive price point. At a depth of only 18-inches, the projector can be mounted above or below for installation flexibility. Now homeowners have an affordable option for amazing in-home entertainment that offers a bigger and more compelling viewing experience over a flat panel TV. The result is an unsurpassed visual experience that must be seen to be understood.

"With the LS-100d, we've capitalised on the deep knowledge of Planar's short-throw systems for professional and commercial applications, giving us the ability to offer a superior viewing performance for our residential customers looking for a big screen experience in their home," said Jennifer Davis, vice president of marketing at Runco. "Runco's nearly maintenance-free, energy efficient InfiniLight LED illumination system delivers a stunning image in a form factor that reduces the complexity of a projection installation."
Runco's NEAR ultra-short throw lens in the LS-100d delivers picture quality and colour to suit everything from playing the hottest games to streaming the latest movies.

LS-100d maximises the benefits of Runco's critically-acclaimed InfiniLight™ lampless LED illumination technology, resulting in 70 percent power savings and a lampless system with no maintenance. The InfiniLight system is calibrated at every start-up and the perceived brightness advantage of this architecture, an effect called "Q-lumens", is even more pronounced after 1,000-2,000 hours of ordinary use. It's much quieter than large format displays that often have industrial-strength fans to maintain operating temperature.

And, the LS-100d includes Runco's upgraded, award-winning Digital High-Definition (DHD4) external video processor, whose Digital Compass™ capability makes perfect geometry possible. The DHD4 offers the most advanced alignment in Runco history, allowing for ultra-precise installation geometries and more extreme installation scenarios, ensuring that the whole solution works as an integrated system.

The LightStyle product line as a whole offers the greatest range of brightness and image performance for different rooms and viewing styles. Its small form factor makes transportation and installation easy, an ideal solution for efficient, high-rise living. For eco-conscious customers who are concerned with the power draw of a projector, studies have shown that an 85 or 103-inch plasma display can use up to eight times the power consumption of an LED projector.

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