Procella Audio P610 Makes ISE Debut

Procella Audio's P610 Full-Range Biamplified Screen Channel Speaker Makes its Debut at Integrated Systems Europe

Sollentuna, Sweden and Amsterdam, Netherlands - January 23, 2012 -

Procella Audio, manufacturer of high-performance high-output speaker systems for home and professional cinema and music applications, announced today the Integrated Systems Europe introduction of the P610, a full-range three-way biamplified high output speaker designed for screening rooms and large home cinemas. Using pro audio components that include a 1 inch high frequency compression driver mounted on a Procella-designed waveguide, and designed for biamplification with external amplifiers, the P610 is capable of producing the necessary output levels and high-frequency coverage required in rooms with multiple rows and multiple seats per row. Now shipping worldwide to distributors and dealers at an MSRP of €2,400, the P610 will be on display in Booth #7M186 at Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam.

"The P610 was created to expand Procella's line of full-range loudspeakers," said Procella founding partner and speaker designer Anders Uggelberg. "We strongly believe in bringing the performance standards of professional cinema into the home cinema and screening room environment, and that requires a full-range speaker for the screen channels. The P610 is the ideal speaker for small to mid-size home cinemas requiring the ultimate in sonic accuracy, dynamic range, and impact."

Following Procella's design philosophy of full dynamic range playback of 24bit/96KHz program material, the P610 uses the identical high-output 10" woofer used in the acclaimed Procella P10 active subwoofer, mounted in its own sealed-box enclosure. A separate, rotatable bracket-mounted cabinet houses the 6.5" midrange and 1" high-frequency compression driver. With bass extension to 40 Hz, the P610 meets cinema requirements for a full-range speaker, thus freeing system designers from the limitations of the 80 Hz Home THX standard subwoofer crossover point.

The P610 produces THX cinema reference-level playback (105dB continuous) in all but the largest screening rooms and home cinemas. In place of the commonly-used dome tweeter, which works well in small rooms but suffers from dynamic range and output limitations in larger cinemas, the P610 uses a professional audio compression driver, matched to a Procella-designed constant directivity waveguide.

Avoiding the honky coloration typical of horns, the waveguide ensures a smooth high frequency response across the listening area, critical for good sound in cinemas with multiple seats in each row. The speaker's controlled high frequency dispersion ensures dialog intelligibility, good imaging and smooth frequency response for all listeners, regardless of where they are seated in the room.

Designed for active biamplification with external power amplifiers, the P610 is optimized for use with Procella's upcoming DA-1400 4-channel rack-mounted power amplifier. One amplifier channel is used for the low frequencies and a second is used for the mid and high frequencies.

The speaker's compact size (620mm/27.4" x 540mm/21.3") and shallow depth (150mm/5.9") are ideal for placement whether wall mounted, built into a wall, or behind an acoustically transparent screen.

About Procella Audio
Manufactured in Sweden and distributed globally, with offices in Los Angeles, Sydney and Stockholm, Procella Audio was launched in 2006 by two former Directors of DTS Europe, who created the first Procella speaker system for a 32 seat preview theater at the DTS Europe headquarters outside London. Procella loudspeakers deliver a powerful and dynamic cinema audio experience for the world's finest home cinemas, professional studios and screening rooms. For more information, please visit

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