Murata Introduces Type VK Module to Drive the Easy Addition of Wi-Fi Connectivity on Microcontroller-Based Devices

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 is an easy-to-implement, self-contained 802.11 network processor, aimed at enabling the simple and quick addition of Internet connectivity to any embedded application

PLANO, Texas--Murata today announced the Type VK module: a self-contained 802.11 Wi-Fi® module designed to enable connectivity features on low-cost, microcontroller-based devices. This module is part of a broad-market initiative that provides the latest wireless technology to the mass market, and enables new applications in smart energy, fitness, home, industrial automation, and M2M products.

The Type VK module is a highly integrated subsystem containing the new SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3000 solution, announced today by Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 is an easy-to-implement, self-contained 802.11 network processor, aimed at enabling the simple and quick addition of Internet connectivity to any embedded application. TI's unique architecture allows the Wi-Fi driver and firmware to reside within the module memory, alleviating the need for extensive software effort or a high-level operating system.

With the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 solution inside, the Type VK module includes peripheral items, including clock sources, power management, signal conditioning, persistent memory, and the RF front-end. It also provides RF compliance in the United States, Canada and Europe (FCC, IC and ETSI), giving customers confidence in knowing that risks are mitigated for the regulatory phase of design implementation. Moreover, the Type VK module's feature set speeds time to market since downstream steps are completed upstream into the module. This back-end work, complimented by a full set of tools and support, greatly simplifies the process for customers to integrate Wi-Fi capabilities into new and existing applications without the need for deep technical expertise in embedded software, RF or regulatory engineering.

"The new Type VK Murata module containing TI's SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 solution allows our customers to enable IP connectivity on microprocessor-based designs in a very cost-effective way by maximizing module integration and reducing customer design cycles from months to just weeks. It also provides the opportunity to add Internet connectivity to the broad range of Murata's sensor products, spurring many new use cases for wireless sensing applications," said Mehul Udani, General Manager of Murata Wireless Solutions group.

"We are excited to work with Murata - a world leader in wireless modules and sensors - to release a complete RF-certified module based on TI's SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 solution. Together, TI and Murata can enable the simple and low-cost addition of Internet connectivity to a wide range of products based on microcontrollers, ASICs and DSPs. This SimpleLink module from Murata is well positioned to help lead the charge in expanding the Internet of Things," said Eran Sandhaus, General Manager of TI's emerging connectivity solutions business unit.

Murata's Type VK module (part number is LBWA1ZZVK7-539) is sampling now and can be purchased from Murata's distribution partners. Additional information is available at Complete information on TI's SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 solution can be found on this Wiki.

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