SRS Labs Debuts Multi -Dimensional Audio, the Industry's First End -to -End Future -Proof Audio Platform at CES 201

Multi-Dimensional Audio (MDA) is the First Surround Sound Platform That Mixes Audio for Three Dimensional Space Rather Than For Speaker Configurations

SANTA ANA, Calif. - - -SRS Labs (NASDAQ:SRSL), the industry leader in surround sound, audio enhancement, and voice post -processing technologies, announced today that it will be demonstrating its revolutionary new end -to -end Multi -Dimensional Audio (MDA) Platform during CES 2012.

Abandoning the mechanics behind today's common speaker feed -based surround sound paradigm, MDA takes a completely different approach to how audio soundtracks are mixed. Rather than having to mix a soundtrack for playback on one of today's various popular speaker configurations like 5.1 and 7.1, MDA allows every sound element of a soundtrack to be mapped in 3D space, storing all of the spatial information of each sound element as metadata. Mixing audio with MDA as opposed to other surround sound platforms, allows a soundtrack to maintain the exact spatial characteristics of the audio as intended by the mixer. In addition, it practically future -proofs the soundtrack, making it compatible with any type of legacy speaker configuration or future platforms.

"For more than 50 years, the paradigm for mixing cinematic audio has remained largely unchanged, with the only shifts made over time being the addition of speakers to the playback environment," said Alan Kraemer, Chief Technology Officer, SRS Labs. "While the speaker feed surround sound model has served the industry well for several decades, the capabilities of today's high performance video technologies have left the capabilities of the current audio paradigm far behind, resulting in an unbalanced entertainment experience from today's cinematic productions. Knowing this, we saw an opportunity for the industry to shift away from relying on fixed channel and speaker configurations to render surround sound and, instead, created a system that can seamlessly adapt to the playback resources available and, thus, giving birth to MDA which is arguably the most fundamentally different and true -to -the -original surround sound platform ever created."

Multi -Dimensional Audio (MDA), developed by SRS Labs, is a revolutionary end -to -end audio platform, built on a foundation of object based audio, designed to deliver true three dimensional surround sound to consumers in a wide variety of playback environments and devices.

Breaking free of the decades old "channel based" audio paradigm, MDA allows content creators to create, maintain and deliver three dimensional positional data with soundtrack elements in a multi -dimensional audio space that includes height, depth and width, rather than standard planar (2D) speaker configurations such as 5.1 and 7.1. Since MDA is not channel based, there is no restriction or mandate on the number of speakers that can be used to represent the resolution of a multi -dimensional audio space. Yet, MDA program playback easily maps to any number of speakers in any configuration a listener may have, from stereo, to 11.1 and beyond.

MDA -capable devices will be capable of presenting a multi -dimensional audio experience via any number of speakers, on headphones, or through the use of spatial processing techniques. MDA is compatible with all of today's and tomorrow's speaker configurations and user listening preferences, making MDA audio future -proof. The net result is user convenience, complete compatibility, a superior audio experience with the potential for remarkably better immersion and localization and a doorway into a new compelling audio paradigm.

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