Stop Oversleeping. ivee Introduces a New Advanced Voice Controlled Alarm Clock

Stop Oversleeping. ivee Introduces a New Advanced Voice Controlled Alarm Clock

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Stop Oversleeping. ivee Introduces a New Advanced Voice Controlled Alarm Clock

A simple "set alarm 1" command and ivee Flex takes the hassle out of bedtime and makes mornings a little brighter with interactive voice control technology.

Las Vegas, NV - CES 2012 - January 10 -13, 2012 - LVCC South 25415 - Interactive Voice Inc. (ivee), a voice control electronics company, has announced the next product in its line of interactive voice controlled talking devices, the Flex. Designed to give users even more interaction, the Flex features an FM radio, over 40 voice commands, six sleep sounds, a blue LED display and more.

ivee Flex brings the concept of the personal bedside assistant to a new level. With her advanced capabilities, Flex can tell you the time, date, and temperature; all you need to do is ask. Wake up to her built -in FM radio with six preset stations, or drift off to sleep with one of her 6 calming sleep sounds, such as the ocean or a babbling brook, that have been designed to scientifically induce a state of relaxation. Flex features a 5 -inch LED alarm clock and can understand over 40 voice control commands. An AUX input allows users to connect Flex to their MP3 players or iPods, giving users even more music options.

ivee Flex does not require voice training as with other voice control products. She is designed with latest Natural Language Processor (NLP) and equipped with four sophisticated speech recognition technologies enabling her to understand the sounds of thousands of different voices from all over North America, regardless of dialect, accent or dictations.

Most speech recognition devices, like Siri on the iPhone, require you to press a button (or many buttons) for them to work. Always listening, a user can engage ivee with a simple, "Hello ivee." With a pleasant voice, she'll greet you then ask for her command. Because of her advanced voice recognition, interacting with ivee is completely natural, like you are speaking to an actual person. You can tell ivee to turn off that alarm sound with the "alarm off" command, or set the time simply by saying "hello ivee" and telling her to set the time.

ivee Flex is available today for an MSRP of $59.95 at Brookstone, Hammacher Schlemmer, Sharper Image and at For more information visit, follow us on Twitter at @helloivee or join our Facebook community for news.

About ivee
ivee (Interactive Voice Inc.) was founded in 2011 as a consumer -focused, voice control electronics company. ivee is focused on delivering a unique personal assistant experience between user and device. Today, users can enjoy ivee in the comfort of their home. Tomorrow, ivee will grow to integrate throughout our daily lifestyles as a constant digital companion. For more information about ivee, please visit

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