New Age Learning Becomes Authorized Reseller of Livescribe Smartpens

Smartpens Provide Schools with a Low Cost Way to Improve Student Achievement

New Age Learning, a provider of innovative classroom technology to schools in the Northeast and businesses nationwide, today announced an agreement with Livescribe to become an authorized reseller of smartpens to K -12 schools in New York, and New Jersey.

The livescribe smartpens are essentially a computer inside a pen. They allow educators to easily capture their daily written and verbal instruction and make it accessible to students anytime, anywhere. Students can revisit instruction as many times as needed to build comprehension.

How a Teacher Uses It

A Teacher can write down their lesson and record their voice as they do so. They can "play back" that lesson during class, in essence cloning themselves. They are at the board teaching as the always were, but are also walking throughout the class to provide help where it's needed. Draw a simple line and write "email" and that lesson gets emailed to every student in the class. Or write "website" and it gets posited to the teacher's website. Students who are absent never miss the class; it's online or in their email EXACTLY as it was taught to everyone. These are merely a few examples of what can be done.

How a Student Uses It

Students simply take notes the way they always have when in class, but use the smartpen and paper provided. When they are looking over their notes outside of class, they simply touch their writing with the pen and it will play back the teacher's comments as they were taking their notes down. It makes EVERY student take impeccable notes! Students can listen to their teacher by tapping their notes from yesterday, last month or last year. These are ideal solutions for any student, but play an even more critical role with students of special needs.

"Nothing we have encountered is having a more profound impact on learning than the Livescribe Echo smartpen. And, they can be purchased for as little as $99," said John Byrne, managing partner at New Age Learning. "Where else can you spend that amount of money and impact every student in every class a teacher has? It's the perfect product for today's cash strapped schools."

The Livescribe smartpens are endorsed by leading educators across the nation and have won major awards from Scholastic, Tech & Learning, US News & World Report, BusinessWeek, and Popular Science, among many others.

Schools who would like demo should contact New Age Learning at New Age Learning will also do demos for PTA/PTO groups who have been buying smartpens for graduation seniors in other parts of the country.

@NewAgeLearning New Age Learning Becomes Authorized Reseller of LiveScribe Smartpens

About New Age Learning
New Age Learning provides innovative learning technology to K -12 schools, universities, museums, and corporate training centers nationwide. With products like the Livescribe Smartpens, the Classroom ModelMaker 3D printer from 2Bot and a host of business presentation tools, we are helping teachers, students and administrators meet their full potential. We remain in close contact with customers to ensure that. We don't just sell technology; we make it work for you.

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