IOGEAR Announces USB 3.0 Family of Products

Data transfer is faster or more efficient with IOGEAR SuperSpeed USB 3.0 products enhancing connectivity.

Foothill Ranch, Calif. - December 2011 - IOGEAR, a leader in convergence through connectivity products, announces three new USB 3.0 devices with data transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Moving data at a clip of 5Gbps, the new USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Card Reader / Writers and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 4 -Port Hub improve connectivity and efficiency between computers and the peripherals that create, store and transfer digital content.

USB 3.0 allows the rapid sending and receiving of data simultaneously, through different data lanes, while requiring less power. How much faster? A 25 -30GB HD movie transferred to a media device can take more than 15 minutes with USB 2.0. Using USB 3.0, that same HD movie takes only 60 -70 seconds for data transfer. IOGEAR SuperSpeed USB 3.0 products work with each other and are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices and connections. The new line of IOGEAR USB 3.0 products include:

IOGEAR SuperSpeed USB 3.0 4 -Port Hub (GUH374)
Connectivity is enhanced with the expansion of four USB 3.0 ports enabling super speed data transfer between a computer and up to four devices. HD cameras, USB 3.0 Multi -Card Readers, storage devices, docks, adapters, RAID configurations, printers, high resolution webcams, scanners and hard drives work more efficiently with the IOGEAR USB 3.0 4 -Port Hub. The compact USB 3.0 Hub is plug -n -play for a no hassle installation and hot swappable for easy connecting and disconnecting of devices.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Multi -Card Reader/Writer (GFR381)
Equipped with SuperSpeed USB 3.0, IOGEAR's newest multi -card reader / writer can transfer data from 59 different memory card formats. Connect to a USB 3.0 Hub or computer input and the Multi -Card Reader / Writer transfers HD and other content taken from digital cameras, smartphones, tablets and more at a blazing SuperSpeed of 5Gbps. For added convenience, multiple memory cards may be inserted into the GFR381 for use at the same time. Small but powerful, the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Multi -Card Reader / Writer bridges the data transfer gap between mobile devices and computers for unmatched quickness.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 SD/Micro SD Card Reader/Writer (GFR304SD)
IOGEAR's latest card reader / writer is equipped with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and supports card formats including: SD, SDHC, SDXC, MicroSD, MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC, MMC II, RS MMC, Ultra II SD, Extreme SD and Extreme III SD. The ultimate data transfer tool for travelers or those who seek low profile portability, the GFR304SD is the size of a USB thumb drive and backwards compatible. Sharing content from mobile devices, cameras and phones has never been easier or faster. Having up to 10x the speed of USB 2.0, the SD / MicroSD Card Reader / Writer is ideal for HD videos, photos and other content that requires high capacity transfer rates.

"Humans have long -pursued the greatest possible speeds in cars, planes and even factory production, and download time is no different," said Bill Nguyen, senior marketing manager at IOGEAR. "We're an on -demand society that wants to be entertained or productive immediately and there is no faster way to access content from our devices, than with the use of USB 3.0."

Supported Media List:
• Compact Flash/Micro Drive: CF -Type I, CF -Type II, CF -Ultra II, Microdrive, CF -Pro II, CF -Extreme, CFExtreme III, CF -PSP II, CF -Supper, CF -Ultra X
• SD/SDHC: SD, SDHC, SDXC, MicroSDXC, SD -Pro, SD -Pleomax, SD -Pro C, Ultra II SD, Ultra II Plus SD, SD -Extreme III, SD -Ultra X, SD -Turbo, SD -Supper, SD Max, Mini SD, Mini SD -Pro, Mini SD -Pleomax, MMC, MMC -Pleomax, MMC Pro, HS -MMC, MMC Plus, MMC -Plus Turbo, RS MMC, RS MMC -Pleomax, RS MMCSpeed, RS MMC -Max, MMC Mobile, MMC Mobile -ProC, MMC Mobile -Pocketnet, MMC Micro (adapter required)
• Olympus DC Card: Olympus DC Card, Olympus DC Card(M), Olympus DC Card(H)
• MicroSD / microSDHC: microSD / microSDHC, T -Flash
• Memory Stick: MS, MS -Magic Gate, MS -PRO Magic Gate, HS -MS -PRO Magic Gate, MS -DUO, MS DUO Magic Gate, MS -PRO Duo, HS -MS -PRO Duo, HS - / MS -PRO Duo Magic Gate, MS -PRO Duo -PSP, MS -PRO Duo -Gaming Memory Stick
• M2: Memory Stick Micro (M2)

Pricing for the IOGEAR USB 3.0 SuperSpeed products are:
IOGEAR SuperSpeed USB 3.0 4 -Port Hub (GUH374) - $49.95
IOGEAR SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Multi -Card Reader/Writer (GFR381) - $37.95
IOGEAR SuperSpeed USB 3.0 SD/Micro SD Card Reader/Writer (GFR304SD) - $16.95.

For more information on IOGEAR and its connectivity solutions, please visit: Follow IOGEAR on Twitter, the company blog, and become a fan on Facebook for additional industry, company and product details.

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