Capture, Create and Share Memories Anywhere, Anytime with 3M's New Camcorder Projector

Capture, Create and Share Memories Anywhere, Anytime with 3M's New Camcorder Projector

Bracknell, UK, 25 October 2011 - Diversified technology company 3M today announced the hotly anticipated Camcorder Projector CP45, a mini mobile projector and digital camera unit that makes it easy to shoot and share stunning HD videos and photos at the touch of a button.

The Camcorder Projector CP45 is the latest product to be launched by 3M's Mobile Interactive Solutions Division (MISD) and will appeal to consumer, business, technology and gadget -savvy audiences that love discovery and surprise.

A target demographic is female aged 25 -45, typically working mums, identified as key purchasers in the family and regular technology users. With the increased accessibility it is now easier than ever to capture funny, touching and memorable moments wherever we go. Most mobile phones offer embedded still and video cameras, as do the current wave of tablets sweeping the country. However, huddling around a small screen, dealing with glare and short battery life can really diminish the fun of sharing.

The Camcorder Projector CP45 lets users share life's little moments with anyone, virtually anywhere, without downloading or waiting to hook up to another device. The Camcorder Projector CP45 blends the award -winning 3M mobile projection technology with a digital camera capable of capturing HD video and 5MP still images.

Measuring 4.9"L x 24"W x .94"H and weighing 6.7oz, it is small and light enough to fit in a pocket or hand bag. It is also powerful and bright enough to project up to 65 -inch, high -quality images instantly on virtually any flat surface - a ceiling, a wall or even a T -shirt, for example.

The Camcorder Projector CP45 has an incredibly user -friendly interface and a battery life of one and a half hours - enough to shoot and project up to 1,000 still photos or 25 minutes of video from its 2GB internal memory. Additional memory can be added via the MicroSD card slot (up to 32GB). It also features a built -in speaker and microphone. Simple connection via USB also allows users to quickly download captured content to share on their favourite devices.

Available now, the Camcorder Projector CP45 is perfect for capturing footage from kids' football games, school plays and concerts, weddings and holidays. Available with the stylish black accent for a recommended retail price of £299.99 (inc VAT), visit Personal Projector - the LED and Portable Projector Specialists - today, and start capturing and sharing your favourite moments.

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