Crestron Announces Shipping Details For Its Latest Digital Breakthrough

Crestron will be shipping the first DigitalMedia™ Presentation System (DMPS), the next generation of the legendary MPS Multimedia Presentation System, in mid October to the UK market.

Crestron will be shipping the first DigitalMedia™ Presentation System (DMPS), the next generation of the legendary MPS Multimedia Presentation System, in mid October to the UK market. DMPS -300 -C offers a complete high -definition presentation control and signal routing solution that integrates a control processor, multimedia matrix switcher, microphone mixer, audio DSP and amplifier with DigitalMedia 8G+™ technology, all into a single rack mountable component.

With the new generation of DigitalMedia 8G+ single -wire technology built -in, DMPS -300 intelligently streamlines wiring for remote AV sources, computers and displays, enabling any mix of digital and analogue signals to be carried long distance over a single standard CAT5e wire. Eliminating the need for numerous separate components, and the installation/integration hassles that accompany them, DigitalMedia Presentation System 300 provides a future -proof digital AV presentation solution for corporate and education settings.
"The DigitalMedia Presentation System 300 combines our popular MPS Multimedia Presentation System family of products with our high -output DigitalMedia 8G+ AV network technology to provide everything needed to equip any room for the highest quality HD AV presentations, no matter what sources or displays you want," says Robin van Meeuwen, VP of Sales and Marketing for Crestron International. "As we have over the past several years, we're leading the transition from analogue to digital. DigitalMedia Presentation Systems offer the only integrated solution that can seamlessly handle both analogue and digital AV, as well as control."
To bring any room into the digital world, DMPS -300 -C provides high -performance matrix switching of seven simultaneous analogue or digital sources to up to four HDMI® or DVI display devices, plus up to three analogue audio components.
Integrated DM 8G+ inputs and outputs afford the ultimate in simplicity, providing a true one -wire interface for remote sources and display devices. Supporting wire lengths up to 330 feet (100 meters), DM 8G+ can also provide an ideal interface to a central DigitalMedia switcher as part of a larger multi -room or room -combining system.
In addition to flexible matrix switching, DMPS -300 -C adds a built -in control processor, onboard gated microphone inputs with enhanced DSP, line and microphone level mixing and DigitalMedia 8G+ connectivity to deliver the most complete, easy -to -use digital presentation system available. Whether in the classroom, boardroom or videoconference room, DMPS -300 -C makes complex signal routing easy for any room full of AV and computer sources, microphones, display devices, speaker zones, touch screens and codec's.
DMPS -300 -C immediately brings any presentation room into the digital age. DMPS -300 -C takes in every source signal, processes, and mixes and amplifies the audio and transmits it all flawlessly over a single wire.

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