Panasonic broadcasts live IFA experience

Panasonic broadcasts live IFA experience

•Panasonic is bringing a live online interactive broadcast to IFA for the first time to showcase solutions for networked AV products, its latest in 3D technology, new products in digital imaging as well as green technology innovations.

•Anyone unable to attend IFA in Berlin can visit the Panasonic stand online, explore the stand via live webcams, and ask product experts questions about the latest Panasonic products and technologies.

•The interactive IFA Live Broadcast includes a daily competition to win Panasonic TVs and cameras, and for one lucky winner, two tickets to the 2012 London Olympics.

•The Panasonic IFA booth will also host a mass display of more than 50 3D plasma televisions, including the world's largest 152 -inch TV Panasonic's press conference will also be streamed live on August 31st from Panasonic IFA Website for those unable to attend.

Panasonic brings the IFA experience to everyone
Panasonic will be hosting a live and interactive broadcast from IFA to enable people from around the world to share the Panasonic IFA experience and explore a world of innovation.

The Panasonic IFA Live Broadcast will be hosted daily by Patrice Bouédibéla, from MTV Germany, who will guide viewers around the Panasonic booth, and introduce Panasonic's team of experts from its TV, Digital Imaging and home AV product ranges.

Viewers can then post a question on participating Panasonic Facebook pages or the Panasonic website, which will be answered live. Every viewer that has their question answered will then receive a link of the video to share with friends, and can participate in the prize draw.

The Panasonic booth will consist of the following three main areas:

Digital AV Network Zone
This area will allow visitors to experience networked entertainment, demonstrating a range of applications and connected solutions built for VIERA Connect including Internet TV and HBBTV connectivity installations, for the industry -wide DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) standard and other connectivity services.

3D Zone
Panasonic's 3D Zone will demonstrate its latest 3D products and technologies, including full HD 3D Blu -ray disc home theaters; 3D consumer camcorders; the latest 3D VIERA televisions and Blu -ray Disc recorder/players; and 3D projectors. Furthermore, a 3D shooting area will be set -up for visitors to try Panasonic's digital cameras and camcorders.

Green Technology & Energy Solutions Zone
The green technology and energy solutions area will demonstrate Panasonic's initiatives which are helping to realise a low -carbon society. Visitors to the live broadcast will be able to explore Panasonic's energy creation (solar panels, fuel cells) and energy storage solutions (lithium -ion storage battery systems), and energy saving (heat -pump, LED lighting) and home energy -management systems (HEMS). In particular, it will show how energy solutions for the home can be replicated across an entire city; including smart city projects such as the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (SST).

Featured Product

ELK Products -M1 GOLD with Two-Way Wireless

ELK Products -M1 GOLD with Two-Way Wireless

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