Low Cost Environment Remote Monitoring Solutions from Sensormetrix

Sensormetrix are fast becoming the go-to technical company in the UK for environmental remote monitoring solutions.

Sensormetrix are fast becoming the go -to technical company in the UK for environmental remote monitoring solutions. We are pleased to announce a range of products that can provide security and peace of mind for any I.T. Administrator while at a price which will keep your Purchasing Manager satisfied. These solutions below are all IP enabled plus simple to install and setup. They monitor your server room or data centre 24/7 while alerting you of any environmental issues like temperature, humidity or flood. At these prices why risk your expensive server room and invaluable data?

The Comet P8510 is server room environmental monitoring made easy, this device is perfect for simple remote monitoring. With a built -in temperature sensor all you have to do is provide power and a network connection. With Email and SNMP Alerts plus its own built -in webpage which allows the user to see temperature history and current readings.

Another version is available with a built -in display so you can visually see the real time temperature this device is the T3510.
The HW Group HWg -STE can monitor temperature and humidity from 2 external probes the price shown includes 1 three metre temperature sensor. This device can be configured via a simple webpage and will send email alerts if the temperature or humidity goes outside the custom set safe limits. This device is so simple to use we've even found a market providing these in holiday homes. Also comes with a powerful windows application for datalogging and viewing the environmental history.

The EMO1b is a powerful websensor for Server Rooms, Warehouses and is being used extensively in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry.

The EMO1b has internal sensors capable of monitoring temperature, humidity and light. Plus a door contact so you can even tell when someone has entered your server room. Option to add an LCD display, flood detector and additional temperature probes for a complete monitoring solution. This device is recommended by NAGIOS and is a great all -in -one solution for any IT Administrator.

The Sequoia Icarus is a compact solution to monitor temperature over GSM, the unit is perfect for a wide range of applications where the user requires up -to -date temperature information or alerts. The Icarus will send SMS or Email Alerts over the GSM network notifying you if the temperature goes outside the user -defined safe limits i.e. goes too hot or to cold. This device is simple and straight forward to setup via software or SMS configuration commands.

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