Halo Monitoring Expands Market through Home Controls Partnership

Continuing its push into new markets, Halo Monitoring, an aging-in-place technology company, announced today it is partnering with Home Controls, a premier national distributor for unique home automation systems.

Continuing its push into new markets, Halo Monitoring, an aging -in -place technology company, announced today it is partnering with Home Controls, a premier national distributor for unique home automation systems. The arrangement allows Home Controls to offer the complete line of myHalo Automatic Fall Detection Systems through its online store and dealer network.

myHalo is the first medical alarm that sends an automatic alert in the event of a fall with no need for the senior to push a button. The relationship means myHalo will be offered through the Home Health Tech division of Home Controls. Home Health Tech provides a variety of digital health systems covering safety and security, communication, personal health and more, all designed to make independent living safer and healthier for seniors.

"The myHalo medical alarm is designed to help seniors who want to remain at home where it's safe, comfortable and affordable," says Chris Otto, CEO of Halo Monitoring and a senior care expert. "We are pleased to have myHalo join the broad range of products offered through the Home Health Tech store from Home Controls. The store is a great resource for anyone looking for products to help stay safely at home or to help a loved one stay safely at home; and myHalo is a natural fit."

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, falls account for 70% of the accidental deaths in the elderly population, and a recent study by the National Institutes of Health found that if help can be attained within one hour of a fall, seniors are nearly six times more likely to survive.

"Reliable fall detection is a critical component in providing our senior citizens the opportunity to live longer in their own homes," says Ken Kerr, President of Home Controls, Inc. "Freedom, independence and security is what seniors are really getting when myHalo is in the picture. In addition, myHalo offers family members peace of mind knowing that their loved one is safe, and that they will be notified if their help is needed. myHalo is a valuable new offering for our Home Health Tech division, and we look forward to becoming an important link in the myHalo distribution channel."

The life saving myHalo system utilizes a small, comfortable, wireless device that is worn by the senior and sends an alert automatically when they fall - no need to push a button. In addition, while most medical alarms only react to an emergency, myhalo is the first system of its kind to also monitor the user's body temperature, heart rate and activity level 24/7. That allows family members and caregivers to use a private, secure website and "look -in" on an elderly loved one for peace of mind, without invading their personal privacy.

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