YouTube is watching you!

From today, YouTube will have to cope with explosive growth in terms of security images that are to be uploaded.

This is due to the introduction of IP Cameras that automatically upload evidence to YouTube. As a result, YouTube will become not only a location for watching or sharing images but also for saving private videos.

Real time monitoring
You can monitor everything from a distance with a Marmitek IP Camera*. It is, therefore, the ideal solution for checking that everything is in order at any time of day or night.
Your sense of wellbeing can be improved if you can check, from the office, whether the pets at home are alright, check who is at your front door or just see if the sun is shining back at home.

In addition, a Marmitek IP Camera can also provide images that allow you to verify what exactly happened and who or what let to the situation changing.
These images are automatically sent to your e -mail address or uploaded to a NAS (Network -attached storage) server. Storage space from an e -mail account, however, is often limited. And uploading to a NAS server means that you cannot usually access and view saved images online and specific technical knowledge is required if you do wish to do so.

World first!
Today, Marmitek is introducing two new IP Cameras. The IP Eye Anywhere241 and the IP RoboCam541. These IP Cameras can automatically and independently (without the intervention of a computer) upload your security images to YouTube. You can allow these to be seen by anyone or protect them so only you have access. As a result, you have a free, online alternative to a NAS server.
So whether it's your car on the driveway, the motorbike in the garage, the exclusive equipment in your lounge or the nursery where your baby is sleeping - YouTube is watching! (YouTube demo:

Price and availability
The IP Eye Anywhere241 (Static camera) is available from 4 July for €199 /GBP179.
The IP RoboCam541 (Pan&Tilt variant) is available from 4 July for €279 / GBP249.
For availability, see

Click here [ -automation -security/ip -cameras.php]if you would you like to know more about IP Cameras and what you can do with them or if you would like to see live images from a Marmitek IP Camera.

If you would you like to know more about the important aspects when choosing an IP Camera or know how you can see the images from the IP Camera on your smart Phone then please take a look at the Marmitek University. [ -university/ip -cameras.php]

*IP Camera stands for Internet Protocol Camera. An IP camera is a camera that sends images over a computer network or over the internet. A computer is not required in order to put the images on the network. This is due to the IP Camera's built -in web server with its own IP address.

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