ATEN introduces the first 3D KVM switch in the world

ATEN introduces the worldwide first 3D-enabled KVM switch. The 2- and 4-Port USB DVI Dual Link KVMP Switches support the transmission of 3D video signals from various sources to a LCD monitor and combines the features of an auditable KVM switch with

ATEN International, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced connectivity solutions, introduces the worldwide first 3D -enabled KVM switch. The 2 - and 4 -Port USB DVI Dual Link KVMP Switches CS1782A / CS1784A support the transmission of 3D video signals from various sources to a LCD monitor and combines the features of an auditable KVM switch with an USB 2.0 hub for the flexible extension of peripherals (KVMP).

The CS1782A and the CS1784A are developed for the growing demand for 3D connectivity solutions, as they are increasingly used in computer gaming or in modern multimedia -based environments like the educational sector. With the 2 - and 4 -Port Dual Link DVI KVMP models it is possible to share a 3D featured Dual Link DVI monitor, a USB keyboard, USB peripherals and a sound system with two (CS1782A) or four (CS1784A) computers. Both models are equipped with the latest technology for emulating keyboards and mice supporting multimedia keyboards and multifunctional mice.

KVM, USB und audio signals can independently be switched between the two or four connected computers via the CS1782A / CS1784A front panel or alternatively via hotkeys. The ability to switch all signals at once with only one mouse click provides even more flexibility and convenience in use. With the integrated auto scan function users are able to supervise the operational status of the connected computers; if one system is turned off, the KVM switches automatically to the next available computer.

Via the integrated 2 -Port USB 2.0 hub and the audio ports at the front and back of the CS1782A / CS1784A printers, digital cameras, flash storage or headsets for internet telephony can be connected. Thanks to independent signal switching it is possible to play music clips from one computer and simultaneously work with applications of another computer, while using the peripheral devices that are connected via 2 -Port USB hub. For a brilliant sound experience with maximum bass output the CS1782A additionally supports 7.1 surround sound audio.

The new switches are completely compatible with the DVI digital standard as well as the DVI analog specifications and support widescreen definitions. ATEN's integrated VideoDynaSync technology eliminates boot -up display problems and optimizes the screen resolution when switching between the connections. With a DVI dual link connection the CS1782A / CS1784A provides an excellent screen quality with definitions up to 2560 x 1600 pixels and supports new 3D enabled 120 Hz LCD monitors. HDCP (High -Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) secures a smooth playback of video and audio content. The KVM switch runs platform independent and fits perfectly into multiplatform environments with Windows, Linux, Mac or Sun operating systems.

About ATEN
ATEN International Co., Ltd. specializes in information technology connectivity solutions. Established in 1979, today ATEN is considered the leading manufacturer of KVM Switches worldwide. This prominent position was reached through a constant high investment in research and development, resulting in numerous patents - exemplified by the production of a sophisticated ASIC that was developed in the ATEN labs and manufactured in ATEN factories.

ATEN's current product range covers hundreds of connectivity products, providing complete KVM, Data Center Management and Professional A/V solutions - from entry level operations to the enterprise market. ATEN's customer base includes large enterprises with global operations, midrange and small businesses, as well as ambitious private users. For further information, please visit

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