Kordz Announces New HDBaseT Extender

New device transmits digital media over existing CAT-5 and CAT-6 cable for true High Speed HDMI performance up to 100m.

Sunnyvale, CA - June 1, 2011 - Kordz, a leading manufacturer of high -purity HDMI cables, announces its HDBaseT Extender (PLX -HDB.4), allowing for the transport of uncompressed High Speed HDMI, 6 -port Ethernet, IR & RS232 data simultaneously over a single CAT cable up to 100m. With no minimum cable length requirements, the HDBaseT Extender is designed specifically to work with long and short runs alike.

The Kordz HDBaseT Extender will allow for the wiring of multiple source units in a single point -to -point (transmitter and receiver) connection with the ability to have multiple devices attached at each end. Each side has an HDMI connection that supports up to 5m High Speed HDMI cables, 3 full duplex 100BaseT ports, for possible connection of up to 6 network devices, as well as IR & RS232 throughput capability.

Kordz adopted this new technology with the custom installer in mind. Utilizing existing in -wall Ethernet, the PLX -HDB.4 allows for easy installation without the multiple layers, devices and wires currently being pulled into a typical installation. This easy -to -install product offers automatic system initialization providing reduced installation time and call back rates. Installers will appreciate benefits such as true plug'n'play capability, exceptional performance, no need to find available power at the display end, and robust build quality. The receiver unit is an active powered device, but no external power is required. The unit draws its power, up to 100 watts, through the internal PoE feature making it helpful for installers who do not have an available AC power source at the display end. By plugging in the single CAT cable connection, you have an active power source for all your HD audio and video content throughout the entire house.

"Our HDBaseT Extender will be an important solution for installers given its simultaneous extension of multiple sources over a single Cat5 or CAT6 cable," said David Meyer, Founder & Product Development Director of Kordz. "For the first time, we now have an application that permits true High Speed HDMI performance beyond the normal 30m all the way up to 100m."

The Kordz HDBaseT Extender supports all HDMI mandated 3D formats, even upcoming 1080p60 3D for full HD 3D gaming. Also, the PLX -HDB.4 supports 4K (2160p) XHD digital cinema and all available formats of HD Audio.

Kordz HDBaseT Extender is shipping now with an MSRP of $999.00. For more information on Kordz, visit www.kordz.com.

About Kordz
Established in 2003, KORDZ manufactures multi -award winning HDMI cables known for their unprecedented adherence to HDMI compliance (CTS), high performance and demonstrable value for money. Kordz Pty Ltd is based in Australia with US offices in Sunnyvale, CA and has developed a strong reputation for its integrity, honesty and quality as a brand of audio visual interconnects and accessories.

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