2011 AHECTA Conference Preview Haivision Network Video June 22 -24, 2011 Booth 3

Haivision Network Video delivers advanced technology for streaming, recording, managing, and distributing secure IP video and interactive media within the enterprise, education, medical/healthcare, and federal/military markets. Haivision is a private

Company Overview:

Haivision Network Video delivers advanced technology for streaming, recording, managing, and distributing secure IP video and interactive media within the enterprise, education, medical/healthcare, and federal/military markets. Haivision is a private company based in Montreal and Chicago with a global sales and support organization that distributes its products through value -added resellers, system integrators, distributors, and OEMs worldwide.

Haivision Products at the 2011 AHECTA Conference:

Makito(TM) Decoder
At the 2011 AHECTA Conference, Haivision will highlight the latest Makito(TM) Decoder, an H.264 decoder that supports video up to 1080p60. When paired with the very popular Makito HD H.264 encoder, this system provides low -latency decoding and efficient delivery of HD video via HD -SDI or HDMI output. Sharing the space -saving, mini -blade form factor and low power requirements of the Makito encoder, this new product is an optimal solution for medical and military applications seeking a professional -grade, low -latency, high -performance video decoding solution.

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Photo Caption: Haivision Makito(TM) Decoder

ZiXi Ready(TM) Makito(TM) Encoders
Haivision will also showcase the latest ZiXi ready(TM) Makito(TM) HD video encoder, which dramatically reduces HD transmission costs. Haivision's Makito is an ultra -compact, low -power, easy -to -set -up -and -deploy appliance that can now be ordered with ZiXi ready(TM) capabilities at a very competitive price point.

The revolutionary Makito encoding system delivers low -latency, full -frame -rate H.264 encoding of HD video up to 1080p60, or computer graphics resolutions up to 1280x1024 75Hz (SXGA). The Makito incorporates HiLo -Streaming(TM), the ability to encode once and emit both high - and low -bandwidth streams simultaneously, and MultiStreaming(TM) - - the ability to send streams with different IP encapsulation to different destinations. When integrated with the Furnace IP video system, the Makito distributes 100 -percent secure and robust video. The Makito offers the most efficient and affordable distribution, capture, and rebroadcast of HD video.

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Photo Caption: Haivision ZiXi Ready(TM) Makito(TM) Encoder

Haivision to Demonstrate Furnace 6.0, Including MultiStream(TM) Recording and Advanced Publishing

This important sixth revision of the acclaimed Furnace IP video system adds advanced recording and publishing features to enable clients to capture and distribute synchronized multistream video content. The VF Recorder module is enhanced to support recording and review of as many as four simultaneous video streams within a combined video asset. During the recording, real -time metadata (HotMarks(TM)) can be applied to all streams either by the user or triggered by third -party control systems. HotMarks enable viewers to search for and jump to specific tagged events quickly. In addition, the VF Publisher module establishes automated ingest and publishing of content. After a record process, users can instantly assign content to specific groups, make the content available within the Web portal, email links to specific users or groups, or deposit the content into third -party systems for further editing.

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Image Caption: Haivision Furnace(TM) 6.0

CoolSign Digital Signage Solution
Haivision's CoolSign digital signage solution boasts features and functions to satisfy any signage need, from smaller installations, to sophisticated multiscreen landmark displays, to large -scale global networks. Launched in 1998, CoolSign has a long legacy of innovation, pioneering many aspects of digital signage technology including n -tier architecture, native multicasting support, real -time connectivity, full edge device monitoring and control, flexible media scheduling, closed data architecture, bandwidth usage controls, and many others. Secure, scalable, reliable, and efficient, CoolSign serves the demands of myriad retail, government, financial services, corporate, and pure -play digital out -of -home advertising (DOOH) networks around the globe.

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Image Caption: CoolSign Digital Signage Solution

Featured Product

Luxul - Not just a router, it's EPIC

Luxul - Not just a router, it's EPIC

The network is the foundation on which modern entertainment, security, control and automation systems are built. The new Epic series of routers from Luxul are designed to help integration professionals build that foundation and deliver a great customer experience. The router is a critical piece of every network-connecting a local network to the Internet, controlling traffic and providing security. With the release of its new Epic series, Luxul has redefined the router, adding capabilities that make it far more than just a traditional router. In addition to being high-performing commercial grade routers, the Epic series offers a platform for optimizing the user experience in smart homes, workplaces, retail establishments and more. This experience is delivered through Luxul and third-party applications running on the Epic platform.