Smartec security offer: H.264 DVR with free NEMON software and Full D1

Smartec recording equipment line has been supplemented with the new STR-1685 DVR for deployment of large and distributed video surveillance systems.

Smartec STR -1685 digital video recorder is designed for local or distributed video surveillance systems using analog cameras. It features SATA HDD for video recording in H.264 with up to 720x576 pixels and up to 200 fps of recording speed. In addition, H.264 DVR is equipped with 4 audio channels, DVD -RW, 4 USB -ports, 16/4 alarm inputs/outputs, RS -232/485 interfaces for PTZ -cameras control and NEMON software for 2 -way audio organization and remote management of STR -1685.

New Smartec DVRs provide video recording from 16 cameras in H.264, allowing operator to view current and archival video over the network. STR -1685 is supplied with one hard drive with the possibility to install two additional HDDs. For the efficient disk space usage, H.264 DVR provides several modes of video recording and searching, including search by Date/Time, event and calendar.

To select the optimal recording mode, this DVR offers 4 options: continuous (cyclic), event (on a signal from the detector or motion sensor), combined (standard + alarm recording mode), as well as an emergency mode, activated by pressing a single button. In addition, H.264 DVR allows operator to adjust recording resolution in the range of CIF (352x288 pix.) up to Full D1 (720x576 pix.) with up to 200 fps of recording speed on all channels. Operator can also back up H.264 video on the USB -drives through the 4 USB -port, or on CD/DVD using built -in DVD -RW.

Along with video recording, 16ch DVR can record synchronized audio information as well as organize 2 -way audio communication between operator and the monitoring area via NEMON software. This management software enables operator to perform current video viewing, backing up information, PTZ -cameras control and remote management of H.264 DVR. In addition, NEMON software carries out video transmitting from 64 security cameras connected to the various devices in CCTV system.

Remote control of PTZ -cameras and STR -1685 itself can be carried out using Smartec STT -CN3R1 system keyboard, which can be connected to the device via RS -232/485 interface. For configuring and operation control, operator can use front panel buttons or IR remote controller. For PTZ -cameras control, H.264 DVR supports popular Pelco D and Pelco P telemetry protocols, so it is compatible with both Smartec and third -party PTZ -cameras. In addition, the operator can also connect H.264 DVR to POS/ATM terminals and back up terminal information on its HDD.

STR -1685 performs versatile security functions, using alarm interfaces - 16 TTL inputs, 2 relay and 2 TTL outputs, which can be connected to the external security sensors and executive devices. Upon receiving alarm signals, H.264 DVR can generate an alarm message and send it via E -mail, as well as to transmit alarm video on the Spot -monitor. For efficient monitoring DVR provides operator with the ability to customize video viewing in a multi -mode with 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 16 frames on the screen. It also allows operator to display full -screen H.264 video from the selected camera or configure automatic switching of the channels.

New Smartec STR -1685 H.264 DVRs are offered from stock by Smartec dealers. For more information about STR -1685 and other Smartec CCTV equipment, please, send your request to info@smartec or contact your Smartec dealers directly.

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