Standalone PIC programmer for maximum flexibility

Kanda have added a new standalone PIC microcontroller programmer to their handheld programmer range. These new programmers can store up to 32 different programs with different PIC microcontrollers, and have a LCD and simple keypad

Kanda have added a new standalone PIC microcontroller programmer to their handheld programmer range. Unlike the standard Kanda handheld PIC programmers and other units available, it can store up to 32 different programs and has a keypad and LCD to make it simple to select the correct program from the list.

The programmer is loaded from the PC using the great software and USB interface supplied. Each of the 32 "slots" is 256KB and can be loaded with distinct target information, including different PIC microcontroller, code and data, configuration bytes, programming voltage, programming method and slot title. Once loaded, it can be used anywhere, the ultimate standalone PIC programmer.

The Portable Programmer can power a target circuit at a suitable voltage or the target can be powered. It includes a rechargeable battery and charger so power is always available. Plug it into target and use the keypad to scroll through the program list to select the right program or enter a program number, and press Program Button. Programming progress and results are displayed on the LCD. That's it!

This new portable programmer is ideal for

 Production technicians who need to customise products or deal with different product lines
 Software developers who need to try various firmware versions on site
 Service engineers who have to service a mixture of equipment
 Maintenance engineers who need to update a range of machinery

Its small size, flexibility and ease of use make it an ideal alternative to taking a laptop and separate programmer, especially valuable in industrial environments, outdoors or when there is lots of travelling is involved.

The kit supports Windows 2000 on, including 64 -bit versions, with a standard USB interface included. It also has a power supply or wall transformer for charging the internal 9V battery, which has a low battery and charging LED. There is a 6 -way flying lead ICSP connector, and the programmer itself is only 125 x 70 x 25mm (4.8 x 2.6 x 1 inch) in size and weighs less than 200g (0.4Lbs). RJ11 (ICD2 type) adapters are also available separately, if needed. Most PIC16F and PIC18F microcontrollers are supported.

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