New intelligent solution - Smartec IP security camera with video analytics

Intelligent STC-IPX2050A NEYRO Series network camera features 1/4" CMOS, 3,6 mm zoom lens and built-in video analytics by VCA Technology company.

Smartec STC -IPX2050A dome IP -camera is designed for indoor operation as a part of network security systems. It features VCA Technology video analytics, supports Day/Night software function and provides high -quality video transmission at up to 0.1 lux of minimum illumination. In addition, each IP security camera of NEYRO Series provides two -way audio communication and can also transmit one or two video streams in H.264, M -JPEG/MPEG -4 at up to Full D1 resolution and 25 fps.

Due to compact dimensions, two -way audio communication and VCA video analytics support, new camera will be an effective tool for the security systems, deployed in business centers, hotels and other facilities. STC -IPX2050A housing allows the operator to mount this IP security camera on the wall without additional mounting bracket. Selection of the viewing direction is provided by 3 -axis pan -tilt mounting bracket with the ability to adjust the right angle of view. New IP security camera is also supplied with 3.6 mm lens.

VCA presence built -in video algorithms provide ability to detect/identify objects in the security zone, as well as to track multiple objects (to 100) and control over the manipulation on the camera itself: unauthorized change of monitoring direction, defocusing, closure or brushing lens. IP security camera can also operate as a standalone alarm sensor, if its alarm output is connected to the input of the recording or signal activation systems. In case of changing lighting conditions, camera video analytics will automatically adapt to the new operation conditions, reducing the number of false alarms.

Advanced video analytics algorithms are available in an optional VCA surveillance package, which allows IP -camera to classify objects, set "acceptable" and "unacceptable" directions of view, track object's temporary stay in the surveillance area etc. In addition, IP security camera with VCA surveillance can count objects over time and calculate the intensity of human traffic. It also supports "double border" filter for alarm activation in case of crossing these borders.
H.264 and M -JPEG/MPEG -4 support provides using new dome camera in network security systems with different bandwidth and hardware. Moreover, NEYRO Series IP dome camera can transmit multiple streams simultaneously with individual settings for each channel: the operator can select codec, resolution, frame rate, etc.

STC -IPX2050A is equipped with 1/4" CMOS and digital video processor, providing clear images at up to 0.1 lux with Full D1 (720x576 pix.), VGA (640x480 pix.), CIF (352x240 pix.) or QCIF (176x144pix. ) resolutions. To operate in different lighting conditions, this network model uses Day/Night software function, automatically switching IP security camera between Color and B/W modes. In addition, the high range of the security system effectiveness is provided by two -way audio transmission the operator and the object of surveillance.

The operator can view real -time video from IP security camera via standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). Like other security cameras, STC -IPX2050A operates with NetStation management software for deployment of different network security systems. This software enables operator to carry out monitoring, recording, search and playback of video from the archive, as well as to search video fragments in the archives and use eMap graphic plans.

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