The Show Newport will be held at the Newport Beach, CA Hilton hotel (Irvine) on June 3,4,5; Friday, Saturday and Sunday: conveniently located across the street from John Wayne/Orange County (SNA) Airport near Freeways 405 & 55.

It has been years since Southern California has had a viable High -End Audio convention bringing new advancements and technologies in high -end to a population of over 24 million consumers.

T.H.E. Show, which has a notable reputation for an exclusively High End Audio, industry -related convention every January is bringing a whole new concept to Newport Beach, CA every Spring: For consumers and industry insiders alike.

The Show Newport will be held at the Newport Beach, CA Hilton hotel (Irvine) on June 3,4,5; Friday, Saturday and Sunday: conveniently located across the street from John Wayne/Orange County (SNA Airport near Freeways 405 & 55.

Expanding on several common "interests" of this high -end crowd, T.H.E. Show will also include a classic car show, in conjunction with Crevier BMW Auto Museum; a Wine -Tasting area courtesy of Southern Wine and Spirits and Jazz Concerts every evening produced by BluePort Jazz Festival International. Several other local quality Jazz groups will be featured.

"In short," says Richard Beers, organizer for T.H.E. Show, formerly a reporter/anchor for NBC, "we are appealing to a vast audience to get the focus on some high -end products that are commonly over -looked by consumers. When people think of high -end audio or home -theater, they normally head out to Big Box stores, not even aware that there are hundreds of alternative products which are, in most cases, superior.", says Beers.

With five weeks to go, many large L.A. and Orange County Audio/Home Theaters dealers have signed up to exhibit their very impressive lines of equipment, along with manufacturers and distributors from all over the world including Europe, Asia and Australia. Beers estimates there will be over 100 separate "listening and viewing" exhibit rooms where attendees can actually "listen and experience" these products in an uninterrupted and controlled atmosphere, much like experiencing these spectacular high end products at their own home.

T.H.E. Show Newport will also feature seminars on Audio and Home Theater advancements, from the early days to now, including iPod; iPad; streaming music and more. "Many consumers are aware such things exist", says Beers, "but don't fully understand them. Saturday and Sunday, we will have hourly seminars covering new technologies and addressing such topics as 'the difference between a $500 speaker as opposed to a $50,000 set of speakers'. There will even be a 'How to Build Your Own High -end Speakers, along with experts in the area of setting up High -End Home Theater on a budget".

T.H.E. Show is being produced in conjunction with the L.A./Orange County Audio Society which boasts 750 members -the largest such organization in the world according to Society President Bob Levi. Levi, a past President for Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta says, "We suspect this will become an annual event with worldwide notoriety. An event which will become a "Must Do" for anyone interested in Audio and Home Theater, from the novice to those who have enjoyed 'music and superior sound' for decades." And, apparently, the industry has tremendous faith in T.H.E. Show Newport: Official Sponsors include some of the biggest names in the industry, including The Absolute Sound and Stereophile magazines, the two largest magazines on the subject in the U.S.; Hi -fi+; Widescreen Review magazine; Home Theater magazine; "on -line" audio giants including AV Guide; Stereophile.com; Enjoy the Music; Positive Feedback; Audiogon; AudioEvo and event specialists Crevier Classic Cars and Museum; Southern Wine and Spirits; BluePort International Jazz Festivals with entertainers from as far away as Budapest and friends like the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and Chicago area Dealer/Distributor Tweak Studio.

For information on Wine Offerings; Seminars; Jazz Concerts plus plus on -line Registration and discounts on Hotels rooms, go to: www.theshownewport.com

All weekend pass including all events: $35 or $15 daily; hotel sleeping rooms are $99 per night.

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