Blue Echo Solutions, Inc. Is Pleased to Announce that it has been Awarded a U.S. Patent for its Product, hd EZ lock ™

Blue Echo Solutions, Inc., the manufacturer of award- winning HDMI products, is pleased to announce that it has been issued a U.S. Patent for hd EZ lock, the first Universal HDMI Lock on the market.

Redondo Beach, CA - May 3, 2011 - Blue Echo Solutions, Inc., the manufacturer of award - winning HDMI products, is pleased to announce that it has been issued a U.S. Patent for hd EZ lock, the first Universal HDMI Lock on the market.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued U.S. Patent number 7,914,338 for hd EZ lock.

"As HDMI is expected to remain the dominant connection interface for consumer electronics, with an estimated 1.3 billion connected devices on the market by 2014, we're very proud to receive a U.S. Patent for hd EZ lock. hd EZ lock is a product that has been well -received by the Consumer Electronics and Medical Industries, and one that solves HDMI connection problems extremely well," said Tony Eppright, President of Blue Echo Solutions.

hd EZ lock addresses common issues with the physical HDMI connection, both by locking the HDMI cable and eliminating harmful stress on the HDMI input. hd EZ lock typically installs in less than two minutes, and can be used with most HDMI cables and HDMI Components on the market. Once installed, hd EZ lock acts as a strain -relief eliminating connection problems such as disconnected HDMI Cables, intermittent sound and/or picture, signal dropouts, and stress induced damage to HDMI Cables and HDMI Inputs. Besides being a source of major inconvenience, these issues can, and often do result in expensive service calls and warranty repair.

Along with Custom Installers and end -users, hd EZ lock customers include Audio/Video Integration companies, Medical Equipment manufacturers for use on Surgical Devices, Professional Video Processor and Digital Signage manufacturers.

About hd EZ lock

The Patented hd EZ lock is the original Universal HDMI Locking Adapter, designed to work with most HDMI Cables and HDMI Components to secure them in place and eliminate harmful stress on the HDMI Input. The Universal hd EZ lock HDMI Lock is also recipient of a CES 2009 Innovations Design & Engineering Showcase Award. hd EZ lock is designed and manufactured in the USA by Blue Echo Solutions, Inc. Visit for more information about hd EZ lock. European customers interested in learning more about hd EZ lock can visit for more information.

About Blue Echo Solutions

Blue Echo Solutions is a Consumer Electronics company dedicated to providing Dealers and Consumers with products and services that will enhance the Consumer Electronics experience through innovative products and solutions, as well as by building great relationships and through world -class Customer Service. Blue Echo Solutions manufactures hd EZ lock and Blue Echo HDMI Cables. For more information about Blue Echo Solutions, visit

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