e new RoomView Express 6.3 remote helpdesk and resource management software now includes provision to streamline preparation for emergency situation procedures.

The new RoomView Express 6.3 remote helpdesk and resource management software now includes provision to streamline preparation for emergency situation procedures. RoomView Express 6.3 allows real -time broadcasts of emergency messages and text alerts to display across any office, campus or commercial operation with integrated Creston controlled projectors and display screens. Featuring a combination of customisable messaging, storage and distribution capabilities, RoomView Express 6.3 enhances and simplifies emergency preparations across any commercial building where emergency planning and procedure is vital.

The scope of the new platform allows specific messages and instructions to be pre -set for a multitude of scenarios. These are then ready to be broadcast in the event of an emergency. As part of a Crestron control solution RoomView Express 6.3 is able to override display screens and projectors to display images and instructions across an organisation for safe and effective evacuation.
"Our latest version of RoomView Express uses the flexible technology of the previous edition to increase the safety of students, employees and patients across any school, office or hospital," says Robin van Meeuwen, Managing Director at Crestron UK. "Emergency procedures can now be honed and developed so that in the event of an emergency, safety is paramount."
Designed to provide more effective technical support and building management across schools, offices and universities, RoomView Express 6.3 gives AV/IT managers the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control AV, IT, HVAC, lighting and security in every room as well as room bookings, all from a centralised location.
RoomView 6.3 connects simply and the RoomView Express management software operates without any programming or additional control systems when connected to compatible RoomView Connected™ projectors (including Epson, Dell, Mitsubishi, BenQ, Optoma, Acer and Panasonic). Simply connect to the LAN via the projector's integrated Ethernet port, download the free RoomView Express management software and directly monitor, manage & control all projectors on the network.
RoomView Express 6.3 now supports 21 languages, providing managers across the globe with an intuitive single -platform solution to remotely monitor and control resources.
RoomView Express 6.3 is available soon to the European market, contact your Crestron sales representative for more details.

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