Vantage system integrates seamlessly with Fidelio hotel reservation system from MICROS - Fidelio Driver important for hotelsector

In a typical scenario, the preferences of hotel guests are held in a general database that can be shared with other hotels that also use Fidelio.With this new driver, Vantage will be able to provide each guest with the highest comfort level possible.

Delivering fully integrated projects is the mission of Vantage. We have always positioned Vantage as a system integration platform, and Vantage has always aimed to be open to all commercially available external systems and to be able to communicate bidirectionally with external systems.

Thanks to this approach, the possibilities of Vantage are unlimited. We are proud to say that we already have a large list of drivers available for our dealers. The Vantage driver team is also constantly developing new drivers and will be releasing a Fidelio driver (Fidelio*1) in the near future. The integration produced by the Vantage driver team is quite unique.

In a typical scenario, the preferences of hotel guests are held in a general database that can be shared with other hotels that also use Fidelio. During guest check -in at the front desk, the thermostat in the guest's room can be set to the guest's preferred temperature. Of course, it is always possible to bypass the temperature preferences if necessary due to specific regional conditions. As an extended feature for guest check -in, specific scenes could be programmed for the guest's room. For example, the system could be configured to switch on some lights and/or open the blinds or curtains, or to set the television to a specific hotel advertising channel.

While guests are staying in the hotel, they can view reservation data on the touchscreens in their rooms, which also display messages received at the front desk and turn on a message indicator for pending messages. That's handy if a guest inadvertently leaves something at the front desk, for example.
Waking up in the morning is also automated. The guests tell the front desk when they want to be awakened, and the programmed scene starts at the requested time: bringing up the lights, setting the thermostat to day mode, and so on.
When guests want their rooms to be cleaned, the room's "housekeeper status" can be set to "needs cleaning". After the housekeeper has cleaned the room, she sets the room status to "cleaned", and after this has been confirmed by a manager, it is set to "inspected". A "DND" (Do Not Disturb) notice can posted with a press of the button, so guests can take a shower without worrying about being disturbed.
Check -out: after the guest checks out, the thermostat is set to night mode, the lights are turned off to save energy, and the blinds or curtains are closed to protect the furniture from sunlight.
With this new driver, Vantage will be able to provide each guest with the highest comfort level possible in the hotel room. These examples give you an idea of what it could be.
Contact your local Fidelio dealer or Vantage for more information.

*The Fidelio Opera Reservation System (ORS) from MICROS is a very popular front desk and reservations system used in thousands of hotels worldwide. Many hotel chains have implemented it in all of their hotels (Four Seasons, Fairmont, Continental, etc.).
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