HiFi House Professional and Neumann University Partner to Build the Classroom of the Future

Now equipped with Haivision's Makito and DP Furnace, nursing students at Neumann University can simulate patient procedures for live streaming and playback

BROOMALL, Pa. -March 29, 2011 -For the first time, HiFi House Professional, one of the area's most respected commercial audio visual systems integrators, has taken Haivision's Makito and DP Furnace to a higher education application. Nursing students at Neumann University in Aston, Pa. now benefit from Haivision's Makito and DP Furnace's abilities to stream training sessions of maternity, ER, pediatric, and advanced procedures live in HD, while also recording the videos to be archived and later retrieved anywhere on campus.

Located in the simulation lab's control room, the Haivision Makito is the encoder that delivers 1080p60 HD VoIP H.264 video throughout the classrooms. This product in tandem with the Haivision DP Furnace enables both live and prerecorded IP video broadcasts. The images for the broadcast of the simulation are captured in the lab by two HD cameras to produce two different angles. The cameras are controlled by the instructor and have the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom. Two ceiling -mounted microphones pick up the students' interactions, and a 32 -inch flat panel mounted display provides students the vital sign information. The control room for the entire lab is separated through a glass window allowing the instructor to observe the mock procedure and the students' proper utilization of the technology.

All of these moving parts are streamlined by the instructor's 19 -inch CyberTouch touch panel and a Crestron control system simplifying the operation and making it more user -friendly. The two camera sources and the vital signs are combined and displayed on the touch panel to produce a single video recorded stream.

"To live stream and record nursing simulations in HD offers significant benefits to students at Neumann University," says Jon Robbins, President of Hifi House Professional. "These benefits are realized in preparing students for the real life work environment and providing them with the right tools to be a success in their field. Haivision's Makito and DP Furnace are the nervous system that makes Neumann's nursing simulation labs tick. Haivision is the most robust solution in the market and now the students in the nursing program at Neumann are uniquely positioned with these state -of -the -art audio and visual technologies to aid in their training education and give instructors better tools to produce the best nurses."

For pictures of this modern classroom visit our flickr account. For media inquiries, please contact Jaime Kenworthy at (610)228 -2114, (610)357 -6675 (mobile), write to Jaime@GregoryFCA.com or visit http://avsg.hifihousegroup.com/ for more information.


Founded in 1955, High Fidelity House, Inc. is a privately held, family -owned company with more than 70 employees, many of whom have been with the company for over a decade. Hifi House Professional, a division of Hifi House Group, is a full -service audiovisual systems integrator specializing in the design/build of videoconferencing systems, boardrooms, distance learning and training facilities. Hifi House Professional provides every facet of audiovisual systems design and installation from the initial conceptual design through service contracts after the system is complete. For more information, visit http://avsg.hifihousegroup.com/.


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