Kordz Introduces Innovative PRO Series Interconnects

Home entertainment is simplified via cable series that can interchangeably carry either analog video and line audio in a slim, easy-to-install profile.

Sunnyvale, CA - March 23, 2011 -Kordz, a leading manufacturer of high -purity HDMI cables, announces the new line of PRO Series AV Interconnects with a specifically engineered coaxial cable design.

Employing 75ohm impedance characteristics, as well as low capacitance and resistance, the new PRO Series offers universal compatibility for audio and video applications in one, compact cable. The tight spaces behind today's AV equipment demand the thin and shallow mounting depth of the Interconnects cables, a design characteristic that makes the PRO series a perfect fit for the latest installations.

The new Interconnects line includes a Single AV, Twin AV, Triple AV, TOSlink Optical Cables, and VGA Cables. Each Kordz Interconnect features Kordz ProFit™ connectors that are designed for maximum tolerance to create a consistent, reliable socket fit. The new PRO Series relies on Kordz's leading manufacturing construction technologies to deliver superior build integrity and performance at the right price.

"With the new Interconnects, a single cable closes the gap between legacy equipment and the latest technology to deliver consistently superior video and audio," said Michael Schaller, Director of Kordz USA. "This cord series represents everything that custom installers love about the Kordz brand - - -an amazing product at a great value."

Relying on a slim, short plug design, the PRO Series Interconnects have a shallow mounting depth and recessed receptacle compatibility. Each cord style can fit RCA sockets that are slightly recessed like ones commonly used on some subwoofers. Combined with good cable flexibility, the short plug ensures a shallow mounting for the inevitable tight spaces behind AV gear.

All AV models are 100 percent double shielded, a benefit for both audio and video quality. The versatile design can split into channels to create different combinations. For example, the PRO -3AV can be used to connect component video, composite video and stereo audio, or split apart if an installer actually needs 2AV and a 1AV is available.

To simplify installation and maintenance, each Interconnects model includes color rings that can be applied onsite to identify different applications (e.g., yellow for composite video) depending on the cord model. Certain models, like the 2AV, which is intended for stereo audio only, is pre -fitted with red and white rings.

The Kordz brand is designed and built especially for the custom market and has quickly grown and gained a reputation for offering true, mid -to -high -end performance with a primary focus on proven construction methods and dedication to quality and provable performance. Kordz products also feature 100 percent recyclable packaging, which means no blister pack to fight open, less waste into landfills, and easy to keep stocked in vans and shops. All products include the Kordz Lifetime warranty.

Kordz Interconnects are expected to be available in April 2011. For more information on Kordz Interconnects, visit www.kordz.com.

About Kordz
Established in 2003, KORDZ manufactures multi -award winning HDMI cables known for their unprecedented adherence to HDMI compliance (CTS), high performance and demonstrable value for money. Kordz Pty Ltd is based in Australia with US offices in Sunnyvale, CA and has developed a strong reputation for its integrity, honesty and quality as a brand of audio visual interconnects and accessories.

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