AMIMON Secures $15 Million in Funding

The Funding Will Increase AMIMON's Presence in the Mobile and Tablet Markets

Santa Clara, Calif. - March 23, 2011 - AMIMON, the market leader in wireless HDTV semiconductor solutions, announced today that it has raised $15 million in its latest round of funding. This round of funding comes from a blend of new and strategic investors together with existing investors. The funding will accelerate the development of follow -on generations of AMIMON's WHDI chipset enabling further integration, cost reduction and facilitating the growth in the wireless home video market: products such as wireless HDTV, PC -to -TV, etc. Also, it will enable AMIMON to expand its foothold in the mobile and tablet markets, answering the growing demand for a mobile - and tablet -to -TV connection.

AMIMON is ramping up production to deliver WHDI chipsets to multiple OEMs and CE manufacturers. Numerous companies are developing products (wireless HDTVs, PC -to -TV, tablet -to -TV, HD Wireless Bridges, etc.) based on AMIMON's WHDI chipsets.

AMIMON's WHDI technology can be designed in a compact form -factor that easily embeds into mobile devices. Furthermore, WHDI technology has low power consumption that delivers long battery life. Mobile devices, smartphones and tablets embedded with WHDI technology will enable users to wirelessly view all of the device content on their TVs with excellent user experience. Additionally, WHDI has virtually no latency (less than one millisecond); users will be able to experience interactive applications and gaming capabilities of their mobiles devices and tablets on the "big screen." WHDI enhances the user experience by delivering true real -time interactivity - enabling applications like "flick to scroll" where users can use a tablet to control the action while seamlessly viewing it on the TV with no delay.

"Notebook PCs, handsets and tablets have emerged as primary sources of HD content and consumers are eager to connect these devices to the TV; WHDI offers the only viable option for connecting these devices to a TV," said Dr. Yoav Nissan -Cohen, chairman and CEO of AMIMON. "We will use this round of funding to solidify AMIMON's WHDI technology as the connection method of choice for all mobile devices and tablets to the TV."

AMIMON WHDI chipsets are compliant with the WHDI standard. The WHDI standard delivers the highest image quality for in -room and multi -room HD wireless connections, including uncompressed 1080p/60Hz HD video. WHDI utilizes a 40MHz channel in the 5GHz unlicensed band and can be implemented with a single antenna for minimal footprint. WHDI includes support for all 3D formats required by the HDMI™ 1.4a specification and range of over 100 feet (30 meters) through obstacles and walls. WHDI supports HDCP revision 2.0, providing superior security and digital content protection, and full compatibility with HDMI.

AMIMON is a leading provider of wireless high -definition video semiconductor solutions for universal connectivity among CE video devices. AMIMON is a founding member of the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) consortium formed by leading CE companies to define a new industry standard for in -room and multi -room wireless HDTV connectivity.

AMIMON is headquartered in Herzlia, Israel, with offices in Santa Clara, Calif., USA; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Taipei, Taiwan and Shenzhen, China. More information is available at and

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