Muvee CEO Highlights Marketing Video Solutions at Storage Visions

Muvee CEO Highlights Marketing Video Solutions at Storage Visions

"While the industry is doing everything in its power to improve professional and personal video entertainment, they virtually overlook business' need to reach, educate, assist the buying public," Terence Swee, muvee CEO, told Storage Visions 2011 attendees today. Swee made the statement during the Content Delivery - Whenever, Wherever panel discussion held at the Riviera Hotel prior to CES.

Swee acknowledged that the vast majority of the 35 hours -per -minute video content that is uploaded to YouTube is friends, family in nature. "But putting company and product videos on the company's website or sharing sites is not only sound marketing, it can be of considerable assistance to people who recommend your products to others and individual consumers," he commented.
Swee pointed out that today, one -third of Internet traffic is video and in a couple of years, that traffic volume should increase to 60 percent. By the end of 2013, the Internet will be carrying the equivalent of 10 billion DVDs of video … each month.
He noted that large corporations are making extensive use of short online videos for product demonstrations, applications, installation, troubleshooting and technical explanations. "However, today's technology - new compact high -definition cameras and affordably priced automated video production software like muvee Reveal - - make it easy and economical for any organization to post videos that look as good as any on the Web," he said.
Swee pointed out that a growing number of online reviewers such as Cliff Baldridge in Santa Barbara, CA, use muvee Reveal to do their video product reviews, add their custom logos and post the review to the Web. He explained that Baldridge and other online reviewers were like most marketing teams. They have to shoot, produce and post quality video as quickly and cheaply as possible with little or no video production assistance.
Talking with Storage Visions attendees following the session, he explained that in just three steps, any member of a company's marketing or communications team can quickly create amazing movies by uploading photos and video, clicking on one of the 10 styles that are included and adding music, voiceovers or captions. Last year, muvee even included a feature that enables users to put a static text message on a shaded bar, like "Call 1 -800 -BUY1NOW!" And multiple versions of videos can be quickly created by just changing the call -to -action bar, enabling even the corner baker to do A -B testing on his video marketing very quickly with no extra costs. The latest refresh also saw the ability to output in one click to iPad and iPhone devices, which means a travelling salesman can now bring his glorious video promo on his iPad without needing an Internet connection.
muvee also includes personalization features that the company's marketing team can use to make their product, support and service movies stand out from the millions of videos posted on social media sites. They can insert their own logos, watermarks, avatars or photos. And all of the editing, production, preview tools can be quickly mastered by even the newest member of the marketing team.
Swee said that some of the best company videos that have been virally passed around the Web are shot in a minimalized office, engineering lab or natural user environment. "Minor movie imperfections such as a little camera movement don't distract but add to the credibility of the company's video," he commented.
Swee feels that this year, marketers are rethinking their approach to advertising and marketing and will increasingly take advantage of creating video content that attracts viewers who reach out for the content, rather than having it forced upon them.
"The great thing is, the most credible videos don't have to be done by video professionals who use costly studio time, tons of cameras/lights, expensive/time -consuming post production," he commented. "With a decent HD camera, a reasonable computer, Reveal automated video software, a little bit of planning (scripting), video can be produced that helps the company educate, inform, assist and retain customers."
Swee notes that the best videos focus on well -researched customer behaviors, attitudes and lifestyles. Rather than just wanting to sell a product, marketing needs to focus on what the company/product/service can do for the consumer. A strong video marketing effort using automated video solutions like muvee Reveal strengthen customer relationships as well as build brand engagement and loyalty.
Availability and Pricing
muvee Reveal version 8 is available online at the muvee webstore with a suggested retail price of $79.95. A free 15 -day trial and discounted upgrades from previous versions are also available at the muvee webstore. Compatible with Windows® XP, Vista and Windows 7, the software comes complete with 10 styles. Additional stylePacks can be purchased at the muvee webstore. muvee also offers OEM versions of muvee Reveal in multiple languages for bundling with PCs, digital cameras, camcorder, mobile phones, digital photo frames, and portable media players and hard -disks.

About muvee
Since 2001, muvee has been developing software and services featuring patented technology that lets people create and share professional -quality instant home movies out of unedited video, photos and music. muvee develops consumer products for a range of platforms and devices including PCs, Online (, digital cameras, mobile phones and photo kiosks. muvee's global customers include HP, Dell, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony, Olympus, Nikon and Creative Technology. Visit and for more information.

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