Wireless Cables Inc. designs AverLogic's FIFO Video Memory in their new Bluetooth® Camera "AIRi™" successfully

New Product Announcement for the AIRcable Bluetooth® Camera "AIRi" that features Bluetooth video and picture streaming

Wireless Cables Inc. (aka. AIRcable.net) is AverLogic's valuable partner who announces a new Bluetooth video and picture streaming camera. The AIRi™ ("air -eye") allows video and picture streaming with sound through a standard Bluetooth connection available on any device, especially cell phones without the need of complicated infrastructure, e.g. Wifi or cabeling.

The AIRi sends videos and pictures in various resolutions (max 2048x1536) and frame rate up to 15fps through a standard Bluetooth connection to any device.
Open source software for cell phones (Android, Nokia) and PCs for web camera and video recording will be available.

The tiny battery powered AIRcable Bluetooth camera measures 50mm diameter and a thickness of only 17mm. It features advance video storage processing from AverLogic, a highly sensitive image sensor from OmniVision (3MPix), an external antenna for extended range, local micro -SD card storage, LED flash and an accelerometer for measuring camera orientation.

The camera runs under the AIRcable Bluetooth operating system allowing the user to write new code and adapt the behavior to any circumstance. The applications are running autonomously without requiring a Bluetooth connection.

Uses of the AIRcable Bluetooth camera AIRi include professional and personal security applications, sports & consumer applications, industrial applications, time -lapse videos, safety and other uses.

The lightweight and wearable camera can be placed and attached quickly to clothing, walls, doors, inside vehicles or to a bike helmet for example, enabling life action to be streamed through a cell phone directly into the web or your home computer.

Additional information and product features are available at the www.aircable.net web site. It will be available for purchase at the online store March 1, 2011.

See our product demo at the CES Las Vegas conference, AverLogic Booth in the South Hall 1, Convention Center, Booth 22047.

Wireless Cables Inc., based in Sant Jose, California, manufactures and sells long -range Bluetooth® -based wireless devices for communication with Mobile Phones, PDAs, PCs, and sensors under the brand name AIRcable™. Wireless Cables Inc. also makes Bluetooth -based hardware for various applications. The three main markets are: Bluetooth range extenders, cable replacement, wireless sensors, and Bluetooth proximity marketing.

Press Contact:
press@aircable.net, phone 408 850 1884

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