LiteTouch Releases LiteWare4.1 Programming Software

New Update to Software Available for Immediate Download; Many Features Include Programming LiteTouch's New iPhone App

Salt Lake City, UT (December 28, 2010) - Today LiteTouch, a leading manufacturer of lighting control systems, announced that a new release of their proprietary programming software, LiteWare4.1, is available for immediate download by LiteTouch Channel Partners worldwide.

This release coincides with the availability of LiteTouch's new Remote Access iPhone app on the iTunes store. The app is available for free download, with a demo feature to show how the app works. LiteTouch dealers must use the new LiteWare 4.1 software in order to activate the iPhone app to control lights and other systems in homes with LiteTouch 5000LC or FIVEk lighting control systems.

Key new features of the release are as follows:

- - New Remote Access for System Control: In addition to the ability to program iPhone control, LiteWare4.1 allows LiteTouch Dealers to use Real -Time System Control for on -the -spot maintenance and support of installed systems with remote access activation without visiting the job site.

- - Supports New LiteTouch Keypads: LiteWare4.1 allows for design, ordering and programming of systems using LiteTouch's 2011 Low Voltage Keypad Lineup including the new Circa and Echo keypads, plus the new Metropolitan and Coastal models with enhanced functionality.

- - New Macro Library: Access to 30 Pre -Defined Native System Macros and more than 90 LiteTouch Certified Custom Macros is available to LiteTouch Channel Partners for use in system programming via LiteWare4.1. Macros are custom programs that instruct the LiteTouch system to complete simple to complex custom actions. Macro categories include Dimming, Shade Control, Daylight Harvesting, Advanced Fan Control and more. All Macros are stored on secure LiteTouch cloud servers. Via LiteWare 4.1 LiteTouch dealers are able to download, use, rate and modify shared Macros. Dealers are invited to upload their own Macros for LiteTouch Certification and sharing with other LiteTouch programmers; or to upload as private files for their exclusive access.

- - New System Diagram Tool: New LiteWare4.1 includes an executable program that generates one -line riser diagrams for added project planning support.

LiteWare4.1 is available for download at the company website


About LiteTouch, Inc
LiteTouch, a leading lighting control system manufacturer for more than three decades, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. LiteTouch's products are recommended by architects, lighting designers, custom installers, builders and electricians worldwide and are available through an extensive network of Representatives, Authorized Dealers and Distributors.

In addition to being an essential element of any green building or remodeling project, LiteTouch lighting control systems offer numerous real -world benefits, including convenience, security, time -savings, safety, energy conservation and design aesthetics. "Experience Lighting Control", an online tour detailing many of these benefits, is available at

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