Crestron Presents Cornell University Professor Yervant Terzian with Summum Bonum Award

Crestron Honors Excellence in Teaching

Crestron Electronics, Inc. awarded Professor Yervant Terzian of Cornell University's Astronomy Department with the Summum Bonum Award for Excellence in Teaching during a special award ceremony at Cornell on Friday. Crestron Founder and President, George Feldstein presented Professor Terzian with a commemorative plaque and cash prize during the blue ribbon event, recognizing Terzian for his long -term commitment to his students and the science of Astronomy. Latin for "highest good," Summum Bonum is an expression used in philosophy to describe the supreme good in which all moral values are defined to provide the greatest happiness for the greatest number.

For more than thirty years, Professor Terzian has consistently demonstrated a passion and dedication to Astronomy. Whether he is introducing a class of freshmen to the mysteries of Astronomy or presenting advanced scientific studies to a group of his peers, his enthusiasm for the subject is infectious.

Crestron, a global leader in communication and control technologies, is committed to innovation through education and created the award to celebrate passionate teachers. The Summum Bonum Award of Excellence in Teaching, awarded twice a year to deserving teachers, recognizes the crucial role that mentoring plays in the academic and personal development of students. "We are thrilled to recognize Professor Terzian with this outstanding teaching award," said Crestron Founder and President, George Feldstein. "Teaching is a force multiplier - the good and the inspiration a teacher offers goes well beyond anything he can possibly do himself."

The ceremony was attended by nearly 100 faculty, staff, students, friends and family members. During the event, Professor Terzian praised his students for being the best and thanked Crestron for recognizing his work. "Crestron appreciates the value of education in teaching and I hope all companies can do something like that," said Professor Yervant Terzian.

He then discussed his approach to teaching. "What we try to do is inspire students to learn forever," noted Terzian. "Spend a lifetime learning and of course teach others at the same time."

Terzian is currently a Professor in Cornell University's Department of Astronomy, and served as Department Chairman from 1979 -1999. In 1999, Cornell University established an endowment for The Yervant Terzian Undergraduate Scholarships, and in 2009, another for The Yervant Terzian Annual Lectureship in Astronomy. His fields of expertise are the Physics of the Interstellar Medium, Galaxies and Radio Astronomy.

Many of Professor Terzian's current and former students also attended the award ceremony. "I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful, loveable professor who, because he is so evidently in love with the subject he is teaching, fosters love and enthusiasm for the universe in the hearts of all," said a former student.

Professor Terzian has held several positions throughout his career including Director of NASA's New York Space Grant Consortium, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Chairman of the US Consortium of Universities and Institute's committee to construct the square kilometer array giant radio telescope. He is a member of the International Astronomical Union, the International Union of Radio Science, the American Astronomical Society, the Armenian Astronomical Society and the Hellenic Astronomical Society. Professor Terzian is the author or co -author of more than 235 scientific publications and the editor of six books, including Carl Sagan's Universe.

Crestron congratulates Professor Terzian and wishes him continued success in his truly outstanding career.

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