CEDIA Asia Pacific has reported well-attended training, growing membership interest and an increase in profile for the residential custom installation industry following its latest round of education and networking events in China Japan and Hong Kong

CEDIA Asia Pacific has reported well -attended training, growing membership interest and an increase in profile for the residential custom installation industry following its latest round of education and networking events in China, Japan and Hong Kong.

The Association hosted two days of dedicated training in Beijing (14 and 15 November) and Tokyo (16 and 17 November). In Beijing, the programme focused on Business, Designer and Technical pathways with courses covering 5 Changes to a Profitable and Sustainable Business Model; Advanced Distributed Audio Systems; IP for Technicians; Lighting and Lighting Control, an HDMI Update and How to sell Home Theater. The Tokyo training also featured the HDMI Update course alongside the CEDIA CPD presentation "Designing Ready Homes" and a special 3D Projector Seminar with support from Sony, JVC and Mitsubishi. CEDIA members Lutron and Onkyo also participated in the Tokyo event, providing manufacturer training sessions for delegates.

In Beijing, the sessions were presented by Robin Cai, CEDIA's Director of Asia, supported by Executive Director, Stephen Miller and James Chen from Kordz with more than 50 delegates attending. James also led the HDMI Update session in Tokyo, where he was joined by presenter Nishimoto -san, Chairman of CEDIA THEJapan from CEDIA member company Linc Styles in front of a 15 -strong audience of installers and potential new members.

On Thursday 18 November CEDIA hosted a residential industry reception in Hong Kong which provided an excellent networking platform for CEDIA members, potential members, industry distributors and manufacturers, attracting over 45 guests.

The HDMI Update proved to be one of the major course highlights both events, helping to educate delegates hungry to understand the issues and solutions around current and future HDMI transport technologies and standards. Another success included the lighting and lighting control course presented on CEDIA's behalf by Steven Mao of Lutron, Trade Supplier in China. This succeeded in raising awareness for many installers of the technology and business potential for integrating lighting control as part of a home entertainment system, especially in home cinema applications.

"The fantastic attendance, interest and enthusiasm from those who attended these events show that there is an extremely bright future for CEDIA and the custom installation industry as a whole in Asia" says Stephen Miller. "Robin and I were delighted to shake hands and talk about CEDIA and its work with so many new industry people. Our special thanks go out to Robin, all the presenters and sponsors who helped make them such a great success".

"These events are part of a dynamic training and networking programme from CEDIA Asia Pacific" adds Stephen. "We will continue rolling this out in the months ahead with the help and support of CEDIA members, presenters and supporters. It's our responsibility to support the growth of a professional custom installation industry across Asia, and we will do all we can to make that happen".

For further information on CEDIA education and networking events, contact the CEDIA office on +61 (0) 2 9666 1677 or email info@cedia.com.au. CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) is an international trade association of companies specializing in the planning and installation of electronic systems for the home. These systems include home networking, home automation and communication systems, media rooms, single or multi -room entertainment systems, and integrated whole -house sub -systems providing audio, video, lighting control, security, HVAC and other services.

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