NuVo Technologies Now Shipping New Freestanding Renovia Amplifier

Whole home audio manufacturer expands its groundbreaking retrofit system's flexibility

Hebron, KY - November 15, 2010 - NuVo Technologies, a leading manufacturer of distributed audio systems, has begun shipping its Freestanding Renovia Zone Amplifier. This is the latest component for the company's Renovia™ Power Line Carrier -based whole home audio system designed specifically for simple and efficient retrofit installation especially where wall construction makes cutting undesirable or impossible.

"We are very excited to be adding this new amplifier option to the Renovia line, and bringing an even simpler, more adaptable retrofit solution to the market," says David Rodarte, president and COO of NuVo Technologies. "The Freestanding Renovia Zone Amplifier simply plugs in, no electrician required, for a fast, flexible install, no matter the home's age or construction."
Renovia uses standard HomePlug 1.0+ PLC technology to deliver high -fidelity audio and associated metadata from the system's Main Source Hub to the 50 -watt Zone Amplifiers located in each of the home's audio zones. The Freestanding Renovia Zone Amplifier can sit on a tabletop, in a bookshelf or cabinet, or even be placed in the ceiling. Installation is so easy most homes are completed in just one day.

The Freestanding Renovia Zone Amplifier is offered at $499.00 MSRP.

NuVo Technologies offers a wide variety of components, control options, and accessories designed specifically to expand and customize the Renovia system. For more information on NuVo Technologies, please visit:

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