Antennas Direct Brings Lost Content to Thousands in New York and Philadelphia

The company's antenna sales increase 300 percent in affected areas during carriage dispute

Oct. 25, 2010; ST. LOUIS - Caught in Cablevision's carriage dispute crossfire with Fox, thousands of customers in the New York and Philadelphia area are making the switch to over -the -air television. Antenna manufacturer Antennas Direct is reporting a 300% increase in these two markets, and as a result has increased customer service hours and shipments to retailers in the northeast.

"Once again, the gods have smiled upon us, and we are blessed by the bad fortune and shortsightedness of the cable companies. A DTV antenna is bringing their subscribers the content they can't deliver with a much better picture and all at no cost. We love competing with cable companies." stated Richard Schneider president of Antennas Direct.

The carriage dispute involving Cablevision Systems Corp and News Corp's Fox Television division has left three million pay TV customers in the New York and Philadelphia area without Fox programming. The blackout, which has lasted nearly a week, is one of the longest for a major broadcast network, prompting government reaction.

Sen. John Kerry released draft legislation that would require broadcasters and cable networks to go through negotiations with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). If an agreement can not be reached before pulling the signal, consumers would be informed of the offers from both sides during negotiations.

"The solution to the problem is already here and was put in place by the DTV transition," said Schneider. "Disputes like these are just another crack in cable's business model, which is ironically, accelerating the growth of over -the -air television."

"You can't believe the number of calls we've been getting in the past week about this dispute. What we are witnessing is a tectonic shift in the way people will be consuming video. The combination of broadband video and over the air digital television has caused millions of Americans to re -think the necessity of pay television", said Schneider.

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Antennas Direct is a leader in antenna technology, reinventing the antenna for a new generation. With a heritage in over -the -air antennas specifically tuned for core DTV frequencies, Antennas Direct has invested major resources into the discovery and implementation of new antenna technology and continues to test and modify antenna designs for antennas of all frequencies. A multiple year Inc. 500 fastest -growing company, the company is raising the bar by which antenna performance and design are measured. Visit for more information.

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