Artcoustic Introduces the MODULAR Line of Satellite and L+C+R Loudspeakers

New Modular Line Price Points Make Having the Company's Signature Artwork and Designs on Loudspeakers More Affordable Than Ever

Bellingham, WA - October 13, 2010 - Artcoustic Loudspeakers, known worldwide for high performance loudspeakers with a designer signature - speaker grilles that double as works of art and design - has introduced the Modular line of speakers to the North American market through their exclusive distributor, StJohn Group. The Modular line includes three completely new speakers with interchangeable baffles that are designed to match the width and height of most flat panel displays or TVs. Modular model prices start at $680 each, or $1,060 each with baffle and art screen options included.

The design concept behind the new Modular Loudspeaker Series is to create the minimum number of models to address the maximum number of sizes of new ultra thin flat panel video displays.

Modular One
The Modular One is the smallest speaker Artcoustic has ever produced at just 9.8" H x 3.1" W and 2.1" deep. It is perfectly suited to the ever -thinner on -wall LED and LCD screens.

Modular One is designed for on -wall or in -wall applications and can be used as a utility left, right, center or surround speaker for a 2 channel system, small home cinema or commercial venue fixed installation. Its two full range 3.5" drivers will produce 100 Hz to 20 kHz faithfully up to 100dB max SPL. 88 dB 1 watt, 4 Ohms, 100 W continuous power handling. Suggested retail is $680 each.

Artcoustic's typically innovative design brings endless options to this range. The standard Match system screens are available for these speakers, but for more interesting design elements, the stand alone Modular models can be upgraded with oversized baffles and printed screens to ensure they match a particular flat panel video screen, suit any system and any interior design. Retail cost per speaker with optional baffle and art screen treatments starts at $1,060. Here is a slideshow of various Modular One images.

PHOTO LINK: Shown left to right - Modular One satellite without grille; Modular One satellite with Modular One 35 -27 Baffle and black Match System grille; Modular One satellite with Modular One 65 -50 Baffle and digital print grille.

Modular L+C+R
The Modular L+C+R is a smaller version of the now famous all -in -one three -channel speaker that Artcoustic created in 1998 - DF -Multi. This three -channel Modular Cinema is the smallest all -in -one speaker that Artcoustic has ever produced at just 3.1" H x 25.6" W and 2.1" D and is most readily used as an L+C+R speaker for a small home cinema, or it can be wired as a center channel -only speaker for larger rooms. Suggested retail is $1,130.

The standard Match system screens are available and it can be upgraded with oversized baffles (42" and 50") to ensure they suit any system and interior design.

Modular L+C+R is designed for on -wall or in -wall applications. Modular L+C+R uses three of the 3.5" full range drivers and will produce 100Hz to 20,000 kHz faithfully up to 105dB max SPL. 100dB, 1 watt, 3.3 Ohms, 100 W continuous power handling per channel.

Modular Cinema
The ultimate building block in the line, the Modular Cinema, builds farther on Artcoustic's ground breaking L+C+R all -in -one DF -Multi models. In addition to speakers for left, center, and right channels, the Modular Cinema adds two reversed -phase rear channel drivers. This flexible design makes it possible for the Modular Cinema to serve as either an L+C+R and rear channels all in one, or as one high -end center -channel speaker.

PHOTO LINK: (Top) Modular Cinema 5 -channel speaker with no grille; (Center) Modular Cinema with 42 baffle and black Match system grille; (Bottom) Modular Cinema with 50 baffle and black Match system grille.

The Modular Cinema is the smallest all -in -one speaker that Artcoustic has ever produced at just 3.1" H x 25.6" W and 2.1" D. Suggested retail is $1,220.

The standard Match system screens are available and it can be upgraded with oversized baffles (42" and 50") to match a particular flat panel video screen, suit any system and any interior design.

Modular Cinema is designed for on -wall or in -wall applications. Modular Cinema uses five of the 3.5" full range drivers and will produce 100Hz to 20,000 kHz faithfully up to 108dB max SPL. 102dB, 1 watt, 3.3 Ohms, 100 W continuous power handling per channel. Perfect as a 5 -channel all -in -one, home cinema speaker in a medium sized room, or as a center channel speaker in a mid - to large -sized room.

Install Without Disturbing or Cutting Drywall
While mounting on or in the wall is certainly the preferred method of installing Artcoustic speakers, the company has beautiful wall panels that can be hung on an existing wall, thereby avoiding having to run wires through permanent walls. "Wire run channels" in the back of the panels accommodate TV and speaker cabling which is dropped to the floor and connected to electronics in cabinetry.

PHOTO LINK: Flat panel display with Modular One satellite, 35 -27 baffle and Match system grille, hung on three pair of Media Walls. -35 -27 -baffle -room_600.jpg

Links to More Information
New Product Guide (Specs & installation diagrams) - Download -
Retail Pricing Guide - Download -
Modular Slideshow - Web slideshow -

High Resolution Photography
Photos of the new Artcoustic Modular speakers (different views with and without baffles and digital print screens) are available for the asking. Contact Kevin Leja at the Administration number below.

Visual & Textual Assets
- Artcoustic Full Line Brochure (6.3 MB .pdf) - Download - -10_R.pdf
- High Res. Photos Available: Contact Kevin Leja ( for photos.
- Artcoustic Picture Book - 108 -page book featuring hundreds of residential and commercial installations - Web book -
- Artcoustic Art Portfolio - 108 -page book featuring digital print screen options - Web book -

About Artcoustic
The business concept for Artcoustic evolved from the idea of providing an exclusive loudspeaker system to consumers that shared a passion for superb sound quality and a preference for design that reflected their own personalities and tastes. The Artcoustic loudspeaker range has been designed for today's diverse interiors for the home, home cinemas, corporate boardrooms, professional recording studios, restaurants and hotels.

The loudspeakers are flat, between 2.1" and 5" deep, depending on the model. The sleek design gives the loudspeaker the character of a picture that can hang discreetly on the wall. This is enhanced by the individual freedom that allows the customer to choose the look of the front of the speakers. With solid color fabric or designs on the front screens, most don't realize it is a speaker until it is turned on and playing.

Founded in 1998, Artcoustic is world renowned for its range of high -end performance wall mounted speakers that feature interchangeable screens that allow one to choose from a vast array of fabrics and decorative prints to suit the interior. The superior product range has been awarded for its groundbreaking designs and is sold worldwide. Going back to the roots of Danish loudspeaker design, Artcoustic has transformed the way sound and speakers can enhance the atmosphere and interior. The Artcoustic loudspeaker has effectively erased the distinction between a loudspeaker and furnishing, yet remains true to the intended purpose: Superb reproduction of sound.

The Artcoustic Match System
The Artcoustic Match System is an in -house developed textile process. The 8 colors available for absorber and loudspeaker screens provide the opportunity to match colors to complement your interior. It has never been easier to change the look of your loudspeakers and make them a part of your interior. Use the color swatches below as a guide.

The Artcoustic Gallery
Artcoustic hand -picks artists and designers from around the world and invites them to create exclusive artworks for the Artcoustic Art Portfolio. The portfolio is available for viewing HERE. Each artwork/design is produced as a digital print and handmade into a screen for your speaker or your absorber.

About StJohn Group
StJohn Group, Inc. is not a typical American distributor. Only representing lines offering exclusive North American distribution opportunity allows the company to closely work with its partners on a holistic approach to brand development. Unlike most U.S. distributors, StJohn Group handles all facets of sales and marketing, including literature and collateral creative and production, advertising creative and buys, public relations, web sites, business development and long range market planning.

Based in Bellingham, WA with a satellite office in Scottsdale, AZ, StJohn Group has seventeen regional representative firms and an active roster of more than 800 specialty A/V dealers.

StJohn Group specializes in products and services for the custom integration (CI) market - both residential and commercial - and represents Artcoustic and Cabasse Loudspeakers, Cineversum projectors, iSky Panels and IMAGE Projection Screens in North America and the Caribbean.

Dealers: Contact Sales Dept. for Dealer Price Guide, or to inquire about becoming an authorized Artcoustic dealer.


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