Icron Launches Video and USB Extension Solutions at Korea Electronics Show 2010 (KES)

Icron Technologies, leading providers of high performance video and USB extension solutions,and newly appointed representative firm Soltron, to showcase ExtremeLink™ KVM Extender and Ranger USB Extender product families at Korea Electronics Show 2010

BURNABY, British Columbia - October 7, 2010

Icron Technologies (TSX Venture: IT), leading providers of high performance video and USB extension solutions, announced today the appointment of Soltron Corporation as its representative in Korea. Icron and Soltron will make their debut at the 2010 Korea Electronics Show (KES) from October 12 -15 in Seoul, Korea. Product demonstrations include Icron's award -winning ExtremeUSB® technology and the new ExtremeLink™ 3500, ExtremeLink™ 4500, and ExtremeLink™ 5100 line of KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) extenders; as well as their Ranger 2204, 2212, and 2224 USB Extenders.

The ExtremeLink™ KVM extender product family combines Icron's new video extension engine with its patented ExtremeUSB® technology, supporting the billions of USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices in the market, as well as providing video and audio capability over a single Cat 5 cable. Icron's KVM extender products are used in the medical imaging, industrial automation, and digital signage markets where performance, durability, and product quality are extremely important.

Icron's Ranger family of USB extenders is compatible with all operating systems and supports all USB 1.1 and 2.0 device types including high -speed web cameras, hard drives, printers, flash drives, audio devices, touch screens, digital cameras, and game controllers.

"Soltron is excited to be representing Icron and its ExtremeLink™ and ExtremeUSB® technologies in Korea", said Simon Yoon, managing director at Soltron. "Soltron focuses exclusively on Korea's leading top -tier companies and we are seeing significant interest in video and USB extension from our customer base of consumer electronics, telecom, industrial, and military companies."

"We are very pleased to participate in the upcoming Korea Electronics Show with Soltron and partner with them to expand Icron's presence in the Korea with our new KVM and USB Extension solutions", said Brian Donnelly, vice president of Marketing and Business Development at Icron Technologies. "Soltron's solutions -oriented approach to the market is an ideal fit with Icron's diverse range of products and technologies."

For more information about Icron, please contact: info@icron.com, +1 604 638 3920. For Media inquiries, contact: Susan Kirk, susan.kirk@icron.com, +1 604 315 9959. For investor relations, contact: Todd Hamel, VP & CFO, ir@icron.com, +1 604 638 3920.

About Icron Technologies Corp.
Icron Technologies (TSX -V:IT) is a visionary leader in high performance video and USB extension solutions for commercial and industrial markets worldwide. Icron's patented ExtremeUSB® technology extends USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices beyond the five meter connection limit to distances of 25 miles (40 km) over various media types including Cat 5, Fiber, Wireless, Coax and Powerline. Icron's ExtremeLink™ technology transmits video and USB from a PC to a remote display and workstation area over Cat 5 cabling, a corporate LAN, or via wireless. Icron's extension products are deployed in a wide range of applications such as digital home connectivity, industrial automation, medical imaging, aerospace, interactive digital signage, remote desktop extension, security and surveillance, enterprise computing, isolated USB, and point -of -sale markets, or anywhere where a PC needs to be remotely located from a display or peripheral device.

Icron is a publicly traded corporation and trades under the symbol "IT" on the TSX Venture Exchange. For more information on the company and its products, please visit www.icron.com.

About Soltron.
Soltron was founded in 1999 and is a technical -oriented sales agent focusing on Telecom, Industrial, and Defense markets. With over 100 customers across Korea, Soltron is one of the leading distributors of electronic communications products in Korea.
For more information on Soltron, visit http://www.soltron.co.kr/ or email: simon@soltron.co.kr

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