aboutGolf Introduces aG Studio, New Launch Monitor & Club Tracking Device

MAUMEE, OHIO - aboutGolf, the world leader in indoor golf simulator technology, announced today the launch of its new, integrated aG Studio, a launch monitor and club tracking device powered by 3Trak, aboutGolf's proprietary 3D, high-speed photograph

Designed primarily for indoor use, the aG Studio mounts above the tee and provides data on ball speed, trajectory angle, distance, spin, club speed, angle of attack and horizontal path. Equipped with 3Trak, the aG Studio "sees" like no other launch monitor, re -defining accuracy in the market.

"The aG Studio has raised the bar for accuracy in the launch monitor industry," says Chuck Faust, aboutGolf's President and Chief Operating Officer. "And with both ball and club data in one device, at such a high level of accuracy, aG Studio will make major contributions to improving golf games worldwide."

The aG Studio is factory -calibrated to ensure repeatable and definitive data, which makes it ideal for club fitters, golf retailers, instructors or game -improvement enthusiasts. Data inaccuracies cripple the club fitter's ability to properly fit, the retailer's ability to sell equipment, the instructor's ability to produce improvement and the game -improvement enthusiast's ability to self -teach. Only 3Trak is trusted by golf's most elite names and used in aboutGolf's PGA TOUR Simulator.

With easy set up, permanent installation and no ongoing calibration required, operation of aG Studio is hassle -free. aG Studio works for both right -handed and left -handed golfers without needing to move the unit, allowing customers to spend more time driving revenue and game improvement and less time adjusting equipment.

The aG Studio comes loaded with Perform Software, featuring real -time ball flight and multiple dashboards, including a club -fitting optimizer, spin -axis analysis and club data. Perform drives meaningful performance results by making data accessible and easy to understand and use. Perform converts the complex raw data captured by 3Trak into actionable information.

"Studio makes the power of 3Trak available to new applications," says Faust. "Focusing on practice modes and features allows us to deliver PGA TOUR Simulator quality accuracy at a lower price point."

For use indoors or within covered structures, aG Studio can be installed as part of any performance bay, connected directly to a PC and can be easily integrated with LCD monitor displays, nets, full -screen projections and more.

The MSRP for the aG Studio is $12,500, which includes Perform Software. aG Range software is available as an upgrade.

Additional aG Performance Products, including a portable, indoor/outdoor counterpart to aG Studio are planned for release in 2011.
aboutGolf is a 20 -year -old Maumee, Ohio -based company that has been dedicated to golf for its entire history. aboutGolf is the world leader in indoor golf simulator technology, producing PGA TOUR Simulators, aboutGolf Performance Products and Henry -Griffitts Custom Fitting. Historically, aboutGolf also produced Microsoft Golf, Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf and World Tours, which is the world's most -widely -distributed golf simulation. aboutGolf® is a registered trademark of aboutGolf Limited, Maumee, Ohio.
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