VidaBox Introduces New, Affordable iPad® On -Wall Mount with Unique iPower™ Charging Station for Pro Installs

VidaBox, LLC debuts a new on-wall mount for the iPad®, plus a proprietary VidaBox iPower™ charging station, designed to deliver up to (4) iPad® compatible power feeds over CAT5 - making it an ideal product for professional installations.

Garden City Park, NY - September 22nd - VidaBox, LLC, an award -winning innovator in media servers and integrated control systems, debuts a new on -wall mounting solution for the Apple® iPad® and a proprietary VidaBox iPower™ charging station, designed to deliver up to (4) iPad® compatible power feeds over CAT5, making it an ideal product for professional installations.

"This is not just another iPad® mounting solution," explains Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox, LLC. "First, our mounts are aesthetically gorgeous & available in a variety of beautiful finishes. Second, we include our unique iPower™ charging stations, specifically designed for high -end installations and projects. Lastly, they are easy to assemble and install, and priced at a great value. This winning combination of features makes our VidaBox iPad® mounts an excellent choice for professional integrators."

VidaBox iPad® mounts are available in 6 different colors - White, Bright Stainless, Walnut, Bronze, Grey, & Black. These 0.71" (19mm) thin aluminium frames can be painted to match any décor, allowing it blend seamlessly into any environment.

"The proprietary iPower™ charging stations available in our iPad® mounting kits may be the biggest differentiator in our product," Cheung continues. "As many integrators already know, mounted iPads® will require continuous charging, and this can be done sometimes by using USB -over -CAT5 to deliver power. However, based on our research and testing, not all USB -over -CAT5 extenders can consistently and reliably pass through the 5V power required for effective, continual charging. This leaves integrators in a precarious position of having to field test their gear only at the time of installation, plus worry about potential post -installation issues - all resulting in costly labor hours."

The iPower™ charging station is a custom engineered solution available exclusively from VidaBox. Integrators home run their CAT5 cables to each iPad® mounting location and terminate each end w. RJ45 connectors. These cables then connect into the (4) RJ45 ports on each iPower™ station; multiple iPower™ stations can be used to charge more than (4) iPads® in a single install. At each wall mount location, the RJ45 connector gets converted into USB with an included adapter, which then connects to the mounted iPad®. Multiple iPads® can now get power simultaneously from a single charging station, using conventional CAT cabling.

"Despite the great attention to aesthetics and details, plus the inclusion of a custom engineered charging solution, VidaBox iPad® mounts still remain competitively priced," Cheung states. "An installer can purchase a set of four mounts plus an iPower™ charger, and qualify for a package discount that provides a simply unbeatable value. When combined with our media centers, multiroom AV solutions, and iPad® -based vAutomation™ controls, professional integrators can now offer a complete, all inclusive solution from a single vendor, greatly simplifying everything from purchasing to support - and earn higher profits via savings in time and labor.

The VidaBox iPad® mounts are available for pre -order immediately and will be available to qualified, professional AV dealers & integrators. To learn more about VidaBox, please visit their website at, or visit booth 1956 at the CEDIA Expo, starting today and open until September 26.

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