Protecode Launches License Obligations Report for System 4

Protecode today announced a significant new capability that will enable software development organizations to view their code from a pure license obligation perspective reported in plain English.

Open Source License Reporting without the Techno -jargon

Ottawa, ON - September 22, 2010 - Protecode, Inc., a solution provider for managing open source software licenses, today announced a significant new capability that will enable software development organizations to view their code from a pure license obligation perspective reported in plain English. Expected to be released this month, the Protecode System 4™ License Obligations Report (LOR) displays information entirely in terms of licensing obligations, unlike conventional license reports that are generally organized by software structure and content.

In order to deliver the LOR capability, Protecode, working with a team of legal experts, extracted the fundamental license obligation terms for each open source license type. The result is an innovative and valuable new reporting view that is much easier to understand than conventional software licensing reports for non -tech savvy individuals. It will especially appeal to lawyers and business people who may not have a software technical background, and who are seeking to understand software from a legal licensing perspective.

When running the report, users will be asked a series of simple questions about how the software will be used such as if and how it is distributed, or if it includes Digital Rights Management functionality. Once the short questionnaire is completed, the report compiles a results page highlighting licensing obligations in an easily readable format.

"The License Obligations Report capability makes it much easier to highlight potential license concerns in plain language," said Michael Morgan, Head of the Licensing Group in Labarge Weinstein Professional Corporation, a business law firm. "That means people who are not familiar with the open source license jargon can still flag concerns and involve the necessary experts to ensure compliance."

"Protecode is committed to making it easy and affordable for enterprises to understand and manage their licensing obligations," said Mahshad Koohgoli, CEO, Protecode. "Features like LOR combined with our simplified business model lower the barrier to open source adoption and make it simpler for business and legal specialists to set meaningful enterprise license policies."

To learn more about Protecode's new License Obligations Report or view a short demo of this capability visit

About Protecode
Protecode provides a comprehensive solution for managing open source software licenses. Protecode System 4™ uses lightning fast code scanning that works behind the scenes in real -time with code libraries, build processes and desktops to detect and report open source licenses relative to company -defined policies. Built for ease -of -use and minimal intrusion into existing development processes, Protecode cost -effectively manages the lifecycle of open source licensing obligations. Protecode is a Gartner 2010 Cool Vendor headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with partners worldwide.

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