USB to VGA vDeck Adapter Instantly Adds Additional Computer Displays

The vDeck USB to VGA graphics adapter from Sewell offers a quick and easy way to connect multiple VGA displays to a single computer via any USB 2.0 connection.

Orem, UT ( September 15, 2010

Adding additional displays to your computer just got easier with the new vDeck USB to VGA graphics adapter from Sewell ( -vDeck -USB -to -VGA -External -Display -Adapter.asp), allowing you to turn any USB 2.0 port into an auxiliary VGA monitor port. Sewell Direct, a household name in computer display devices since 1983, is gearing up to release this new cost effective way to add a second display port to your Mac or PC.

The vDeck adapter revolutionizes the way you use your computer by adding more screen space to work with. Multi -tasking with spreadsheets, graphs, documents, applications, and programs between multiple displays creates a stress -free way to increase productivity and reduce mistakes.

A study released earlier this year by Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering via Computer Weekly ( measured productivity to increase by 35.5% when 3 monitors are used as one (known as extended desktop mode). A user is capable of connecting up to five vDecks via five USB ports to use up to a total six monitors in extended desktop mode, or in mirror mode.

The vDeck USB to VGA adapter adds an extra VGA monitor or projector in standard or widescreen (up to 1600 x 1200 standard and 1680 x 1050 widescreen) formats using a single USB 2.0 port. With the benefits of a USB to VGA solution, setting up an additional display promises Sewell's famous 30 second set -up, which makes it a worthy companion to your laptop when you're on the go.

Greg Vandagriff, manager of Sewell Direct's sales division works directly with large companies that have been updating their workstations with multiple monitors using this technology and he notes that "many of (Sewell Direct's) customers seem to appreciate the ease of setup." He also notes that "a substantial amount of our users simply are switching from desktop to laptop and just don't want to sacrifice the screen real estate and productivity they enjoyed before."

Sewell's vDeck USB to VGA graphics adapter is slated to start shipping on the 21st of September and is available immediately for pre -order at

Sewell Direct is an internet retailer/distributor of audio video and computer components since 1983. Their product line includes cables, adapters, boosters, switches, and everything else you'd need to connect your equipment.

Andrew Adams

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