Ortonville, Michigan. FortrezZ, LLC announces a system that alerts, detects and prevents damage from occurring due to "Water leaks and Freeze" events

Water & Freeze events are always unexpected and costly to homeowners. FortrezZ's Water & Freeze Alert and Damage Prevention System can provide the peace of mind and protection homeowners should expect when they are away from home.

The system will be on display at the CEDIA 2010 show in Atlanta, GA. The System will be sold to distributors and installers of home automation controls, home security, and monitoring systems. It will also be available online at various eStores that carry the current FortrezZ product line up.

This system will fill a gap in the product market for "Water and Freeze" alerts, detection and damage prevention systems and offers an outstanding sales and service growth opportunity. System components are all Z -WaveTM enabled devices and are fully compatible with any Z -WaveTM enabled network.

Consumers will have the ability to set configuration and functionality of the "Water and Freeze Alert and Damage Prevention" system using their Z -WaveTM home automation controller.

Water Valve's installed on the main water line will shut -off the main water supply in case of a detected water leak or frozen pipe leak condition. Outdoors, Water valves may be used to automate irrigation systems, pools, and more. Valves can be remotely controlled via internet, handheld remotes, and/ or iPhone / smart phones.

Water Sensors around the house detect water leaks or freeze conditions and transmit a notification to the Home Automation Network. Sensors also report local temperature to home automation network. Sensors with a buzzer feature will sound an audible alarm when a leak is detected. This helps alert homeowners when at home to quickly pinpoint the location of the leak if multiple sensors are installed in close proximity.

Siren / Strobe alarm modules will sound an audible 116dB signal + light in case of a water or freeze "event" or a breach in the home security perimeter. AC power provides permanent power for this essential device. Tamper proofing prevents an intruder from just cutting the power. A 9V backup battery kicks in to sound the alarm to deter an intruder from still entering the home.

Premium Water Sensors (WWA -04) with additional features add the latest addition in our base of water sensors (WWA -01/02). Packaged in a water tight enclosure, the unit detects water leaks, water level, or water / air temperature. Powered by 3 alkaline AA batteries or an external DC power source which allows the unit to be a signal repeater for the network.

MIMO modules (Multiple Inputs / Multiple Outputs - - in advance development at Press Release time) will be used to extend the existing home automation network capabilities and bridge to wired home security systems. This module will allow installers to integrate existing devices that do not currently transmit wirelessly; examples being pressure sensors, temperature sensors, relays, magnetic switches, etc.

For more information, please visit www.fortrezZ.com or send an email to sales@fortrezz.com

FortrezZ was established in 2008 with the goal of manufacturing and providing affordable and easy to use Z -Wave products based on a proven successful technology.
Using the Z -WaveTM technology, FortrezZ is continually creating new types of devices for the home automation industry, making it simpler and more affordable for homeowners and professional integrators installers to create the homes of the future.

FortrezZ is an Affiliate Member of the Z -Wave Alliance. Z -Wave Alliance is an open consortium of over 160 manufacturers who create products and services based on Z -WaveTM, the standard in wireless control.

Z -WaveTM offers the largest ecosystem of home control products in the market. All certified products work together, can be easily controlled remotely from anywhere in the world providing unparalleled flexibility, access and dependability to the homeowner.
For more information about the "Water and Freeze Alert, Detection & Prevention" system please visit www.fortrezz.com/

Stella Szasz
Operations Manager
FortrezZ, LLC.
520 Ortonville, MI 48462, USA
Phone : (248) 852 -1307

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