Polk Extends Vanishing™ Series From Walls To Ceilings

Polk's new Vanishing in-ceiling models offer remarkable coverage and impact from exceptionally compact enclosures that install easily and invisibly into any custom installation.

BALTIMORE, MD, August 16, 2010 - Polk Audio®, the Speaker Specialists®, today announced that its innovative Vanishing Series of nearly six invisible in -wall speakers for in -ceiling applications will ship in late 2010.

Originally previewed in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, the new Vanishing in -ceiling models offer remarkable coverage and impact from exceptionally compact enclosures that install easily and invisibly into any custom installation.

"Today's home technologies have been trending smaller across the board, and demand is constantly growing for ever more unobtrusive entertainment choices." said Polk Product Line Manager Al Baron. "With our new Vanishing Series, we've hit a balance that will please everyone, from the most finicky interior designers to the most demanding audio enthusiasts. In -ceiling sound is no longer a compromise."

Off -axis listening is greatly improved through the Vanishing Series in -ceiling models. The woofers are mounted to the rear of the enclosures, while the mid and high frequency drive units are mounted to the front baffle. Since the smaller, less directional front drivers are dedicated to only reproducing midrange and high range, they inherently offer more even frequency response to listeners sitting on or off axis in a home theater or multi -room environment.

While most in -ceiling speakers feature perforated metal grilles with hole sizes approximately .8mm - .9mm in diameter, Polk Audio is taking the "vanishing" concept to the extreme with its newly designed Sheer -GrilleTM, measuring a mere .6mm in diameter. Though smaller and less noticeable than other in -ceiling speakers, Polk's Sheer -Grille design features the same paintability and acoustic transparency of models with larger perforated holes.

The speakers' 15° angled baffles provide an ideal combination of broad coverage and focus when used in multiples for 5.1 and 7.1 surround systems, as well as multi -room applications. The benefit is fuller music reproduction and striking clarity for movie dialog and effects, no matter where the audience is seated.

Polk's new Vanishing Series in -ceiling speakers are remarkably compact, thanks to an oval woofer that is mounted diagonally to the enclosure. This patent pending design allows all the active drive units to fit into a smaller cutout size and achieve bass performance equivalent to speakers that are at least one increment size larger in diameter than any Vanishing in -ceiling model - while at the same time, taking up less installation space than an equivalent speaker in the same size category.

The new Vanishing in -ceiling lineup consists of six models, each of which fits into small cutout sizes that belie the big sound from these speakers. The 50RT ($229), 70RT ($275) and 90RT ($399) all sport ¾" silk dome tweeters and mineral filled polypropylene midrange drivers. The woofers, tweeters and midrange drivers of the these models utilize the same transducer technology as Polk's RTi freestanding speakers, ensuring that they can be mixed and matched as surround or center channels with spot -on timbre matching.

The 500LS ($349), 700LS ($449) and 900LS ($549) feature unique ¾" ring radiator tweeters and aerated polypropylene midrange drivers, and use the same transducer technologies as Polk's LSi line of freestanding speakers, for timber matched performance with these Polk models. All the new Vanishing in -ceiling speakers feature mineral -filled polypropylene woofers with butyl rubber surrounds for fast and surprisingly deep bass from installations that are practically invisible to the eye.

Similar to all Polk Audio in -wall and in -ceiling speakers, the Vanishing Series models are protected by a new limited lifetime warranty policy that guarantees Polk owners a lifetime's worth of listening pleasure, and Polk dealers a lifetime's worth of hassle -free customer satisfaction. The new warranty policy is effective immediately, and covers all new CI speakers from Polk.

Polk's new Vanishing Series in -ceiling speakers will ship in December 2010.
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About Polk Audio

Polk Audio (www.polkaudio.com) is an award -winning designer and manufacturer of high performance audio products and the largest audio brand of DEI Holdings, Inc. Founded in 1972, Polk's products include loudspeakers and electronic components for home, auto and marine applications, the first satellite radio home component tuner, the world's first audiophile -grade active IP -addressable loudspeaker, and the first THX Ultra2 Certified in -ceiling loudspeaker.

For more information, high -resolution images, executive interviews, and the location of a Polk distributor in your area, contact Adam Sohmer; Sohmer Associates, LLC (PR representative for Polk Audio); 347 -497 -4965; adam@sohmerassoc.com. For more information on DEI Holdings, visit www.deiholdings.com.

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