New LiteTouch CCU Technology to Debut at CEDIA 2010

New, Wireless-enabled LiteTouch kORE CCU will join LiteTouch's Renowned FIVEk CCU to Provide Feature-rich Lighting Control Solutions for all Project Sizes

Salt Lake City, UT (August 6, 2010) - Today LiteTouch, a leading lighting control system manufacturer, announced that the company will debut new Central Control Unit (CCU) technology at the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta September 22 - 26, 2010.

New CCU Technology will be applied to the company's flagship Controller, the LiteTouch FIVEk CCU, as well as to a new CCU, the LiteTouch kORE, aimed at fulfilling the needs of smaller sized projects.

The new kORE CCU is expected to be a highly -popular addition to the LiteTouch product line, having many of the advanced features of the FIVEk CCU, but designed to accommodate small scale projects.

LiteTouch kORE CCU Feature Highlights:

- - Small Specialty -Wired Project Solution: The kORE CCU communicates with up to 128 Low Voltage Keypads and a maximum of 128 LiteTouch Control Modules.

- - Wireless -Enabled: Optional Built -in Wireless Technology allows the kORE CCU to instantly communicate with up to 64 Hybrid Wall Box Dimmers or Lamp Modules. Remote Base Antennas can be added for a maximum of 256 Hybrid Units set to wireless mode.

- - CCU System Interface: System adjustments can be made from the face of the unit, including timer adjustments, scene and other programming adjustments. Visual system diagnostics and built -in trouble shooting tools will also make this new CCU a dealer favorite.

- - Lifetime Support Guarantee: True to LiteTouch's backwards -compatible development philosophy, the new kORE CCU will be able to be installed into existing LiteTouch Systems when upgraded functionality is desired, including Ethernet integration, complex programming, and wireless compatibility.

- - Programmed with LiteWare4 Software: Utilizes the power of LiteWare4 programming and system design software, programming like other LiteTouch CCUs. No new software to learn.

To incorporate dealer product feedback, LiteTouch will begin soliciting its dealers to be part of an extended beta program, beginning 4th Quarter 2010. Angie Larson, LiteTouch Vice President of Sales & Marketing, notes, "Our Product Development Team is focused on providing our dealers unique product and business solutions. This commitment to solution -oriented product development is part of what has made our sales channel one of the strongest in the industry for over three decades."

LiteTouch will announce more details regarding CCU Technology and product availability at the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, September 2010.


About LiteTouch, Inc
LiteTouch, a leading lighting control system manufacturer for more than three decades, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. LiteTouch's products are recommended by architects, lighting designers, custom installers, builders and electricians worldwide and are available through an extensive network of Representatives, Authorized Dealers and Distributors.

In addition to being an essential element of any green building or remodeling project, LiteTouch lighting control systems offer numerous real -world benefits, including convenience, security, time -savings, safety, energy conservation and design aesthetics. "Experience Lighting Control", an online tour detailing many of these benefits, is available at

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