400+ Digital Signage Systems by IAdea Streamline Operation at Taiwan International Airport

IAdea's digital signage media appliances are selected for deployment at Taiwan's largest international airport. Over 400 systems from IAdea provide vital information to travelers to help streamline their way in and out of the country.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (previously known as the CKS or Chang Kai Shek International) is the largest of three international airports in Taiwan, serving over 20 million passengers each year. The recent opening of direct routes between Taoyuan International and major airports in China is rapidly driving up passenger flow, and major renovation of Terminal 1 and construction of the new Terminal 3 are underway to cope with the predicted growth.

As part of the renovation and expansion plan, digital signage is called upon to help streamline the transit process and improve passenger experience. Over 400 digital signage systems powered by IAdea media appliance have been deployed in the terminals, providing vital information to visitors in and out of Taiwan.


Digital signage systems are deployed in the following locations throughout the airport:

- 20 screens are installed in every airline check -in counter to indicate flight information and cabin class to help passengers quickly go through the check -in process. Each airline is allowed to place a customized message and a video on screen
- 2 to 4 screens are installed per boarding area to display flight information and safety information just prior to boarding process
- Numerous screens are scattered throughout the terminal buildings to provide arrival and departure information to passengers
- Several screens are placed in the luggage area to show luggage carousel number and associated flight information


IAdea high definition media appliances are selected and installed by system integration house T -COM who won the contract and implemented a software connector that feeds IAdea's players with up -to -date flight information generated live from the airport's database.

IAdea's players offer an open API based on the W3C SMIL open standard and SOAP specification to make controlling them extremely easy. Software sample code is made available at SMIL website http://A -SMIL.org.

T -COM has happily reported that the IAdea media appliances are by far the most reliable devices they have used in their experience. IAdea players are 100% solid -state with no moving parts, using solid -state storage and is fan -less.

For more information on IAdea media appliances, visit http://www.IAdea.com/products/.

To read full article, visit http://www.iadea.com/story/400 -digital -signage -systems -iadea -streamline -operation -taiwan -international -airport.


Founded in 2000, IAdea is dedicated to the development of cutting -edge commercial -grade digital signage players and integrated displays. IAdea's products feature the XML -based W3C SMIL standard, allowing system integrators to quickly customize and tailor to individual project requirements. IAdea's device technologies power many large -scale digital signage projects, offering proven robustness and lowered total cost of ownership (TCO). Market leaders including Scala, Mitsubishi, ViewSonic, etc. partner closely with IAdea to deliver end -to -end total solutions. With offices in Irvine, Montreal, and Taipei, IAdea offers uninterrupted product service throughout the globe. For more information visit http://www.IAdea.com.

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