2010 Creative Storage Conference Looks at Storage for Content Delivery

Robert Blatt of Ascent Media to Give Keynote Talk

San Jose, CA -July 21, 2010 -The Fourth Annual Creative Storage Conference (CS10) will be held Tuesday August 3, 2010 at the Radisson Hotel West Los Angeles in Culver City, CA. This event brings together digital storage providers, equipment and software manufacturers, interested analysts and press as well as end users to explore the conference theme of: Storage in the Third Dimension.

Session C, moderated by Guy Finley from the Media and Entertainment Service Alliance, is titled: Delivering the Goods: Storage for Content Delivery.

Lean how more formats, more channels and bigger pipes are changing the storage hierarchy in content delivery. Find out why flash memory is showing up in edge delivery systems and why larger and higher performing storage libraries are needed for video on demand, cable and satellite distribution and various methods of internet and mobile phone distribution. Session participants include:

* Bert Hesselink, WD
* Elliot Broadwin, SanDisk
* David Sallak, Isilon
* Michelle Munson, Aspera
* Glenn Grube, Moduslink

The full CS10 agenda and speakers are posted on the Creative Storage Conference web site (www.creativestorage.org). We have a full day of exciting presentations and discussions on digital storage and professional media and entertainment. Conference registration is open through July 27, 2010. You can register to attend at: http://www.creativestorage.org/2010Register.htm.

Robert Blatt, Senior Vice Presiden, Product and Service Development at Ascent Media, will give the afternoon keynote talk titled, Digital Storage in Content Archving and Asset Management: How DAM can Impact the Next Generation of Media Production. This keynote will address:

• Increased demand for operational efficiency and growing need to find cost -effective ways to access, retain, and protect professional data over its entire lifecycle.

• Guiding principles when considering the implementation of efficient digital content storage and archive systems: the need to stay ahead of the constant evolution of video technology that requires more and more storage/archiving capacity.

• Industry trends shaping further integration of the various steps in the supply chain. Evolution of technology to connect production through post, archival and delivery stages and how efficient digital content storage and archiving solutions can help impact the next generation of media production.

Quantum has joined as a Silver Sponsor for the 2010 Creative Storage Conference as well as sponsor of the afternoon break. In addition NetApp is a Platinum Sponsor as well as the Conference Bag Sponsor. Isilon is a Silver Sponsor as well as Session C sponsor. Active Storage, DataDirect Networks, SanDisk and Western Digital are Bronze sponsors. ProMAX and AIC are exhibitors. Digital Production Buzz, Media and Entertainment Services Alliance, Media and Entertainment Tech, Home Toys, InfoStor, Media Tech, Post Magazine, ProductionHub, Coughlin Associates, RDC and the Entertainment Storage Alliance are media and organization sponsors.

There are still a limited number of high profile sponsorships and exhibits available for the 2010 Creative Storage Conference. These offer a significant exposure to LA entertainment professionals.

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