Smart Energy Summit addresses in -home energy management solutions and business strategies for utilities, manufacturers, installers, and service providers

Smart Energy Summit 2011 announces conference topics and call for papers

Parks Associates today announced the dates and preliminary list of topics for the second -annual Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer, an executive conference dedicated to the consumer and business sides of residential energy management. The international research firm is accepting submissions to speak at the event, which will take place January 24 -26, 2011, in Austin, Texas.

Smart Energy Summit focuses on the emerging in -home energy management technology market, with market research from Parks Associates' landmark Residential Energy Management service, which features surveys and analysis of consumer attitudes toward current energy solutions.

"The market has reached a turning point, where the grid is starting to connect with other systems in the home," said Bill Ablondi, director, home systems research, Parks Associates. "Around 20% of U.S. consumers are willing to pay for a utility monitoring service, but another 40% do not like the idea of utilities controlling systems in their home, even with override ability. Market opportunities are dividing along these lines, and a key to winning market share is communicating effectively with consumers about the benefits of these new energy solutions."

Conference Topics:
• Status and market potential of Home Area Networks, Smart Grids, and in -home energy management solutions
• Requirements for successful, customer -facing utility platforms and services
• Strategies to engage consumers
• Utility -based solutions versus "independent" energy management solutions
• Impact of government stimulus and green initiatives
• Technical and business requirements for success
• Business strategies for utilities, manufacturers, installers, and service providers
• Perspectives from Retail Electric Providers (REPs)
• State of residential microgeneration of electricity
• Electric vehicles, batteries, and charging stations
• Smart appliances

Andres Carvallo, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Grid Net, will present the opening keynote. Early sponsors include Gigle Networks and HomeGrid Forum. Supporters of the event include, CABA, Display Plus, Energy and Utility, ESNA, Global Smart Energy, Home Toys, POWERGRID International, Public Utilities Fortnightly, RFP Magazine, SIP Forum,, Smart Grid Today, and U -SNAP Alliance.

For more information or to submit to speak, visit or contact 972 -490 -1113,

About Smart Energy Summit
Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer, hosted by Parks Associates, is the premier conference studying the market for residential energy management and smart grid technologies.

The event, January 24 -26, 2011, features a unique combination of market research, including Parks Associates' landmark Residential Energy Management service, and real -world expertise, with industry experts examining the current status of smart grids in the U.S. and around the world, the opportunities and pitfalls of integrating home systems with smart grids, and the new benefits to consumers from cloud services and in -home control products.

Media Contact:
Mindi Sue Sternblitz -Rubenstein
Parks Associates

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