ThinkFlood and C.E.D. Partner to Sell RedEye Remotes for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in Midwestern US

RedEye turns any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a networked universal remote. Chicago-based Consumer Electronics Distributors, Inc. (C.E.D.) is now selling RedEye remotes to custom installers, integrators & dealers in IL, WI & MN. Call 847-656-8900.

WALTHAM, MA and NORTHBROOK, IL - June 30, 2010 - ThinkFlood (, maker of RedEye remotes for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and Consumer Electronics Distributors, Inc. (C.E.D.) (, the leading wholesale electronics supplier for northern Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota, today announced a strategic distribution partnership to address consumer and reseller demand for RedEye remotes in the US.

ThinkFlood selected C.E.D. as a regional distributor for RedEye remotes because C.E.D. is the premier AV supplier to the custom installers in northern Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and a one -stop solution for independent retailers of all sizes.

RedEye products turn the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch into networked universal remotes that offer high -end functionality at an affordable price. Using an Apple iDevice instead of a traditional remote, RedEye and RedEye mini users can operate anything controlled by infrared: TVs, DVRs, cable and satellite receivers, DVD and Blu -ray players, game consoles, stereos, and more.

"Imagine doing an installation in a home, office, hotel, restaurant or yacht that will allow your client control everything through any iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. RedEye is the most affordable way to create completely customized interfaces for controlling all IR devices," said C.E.D. President Avery Baron. "And by adding a few items to the RedEye system, you can even operate lighting, window coverings, jacuzzis, security cameras - - the possibilities are endless."

"We look forward to seeing what great things happen when you team up with the top consumer electronics distributor in the Chicago market," said ThinkFlood founder and Vice President Adam Shapiro. "We think C.E.D.'s dealers will be surprised to see how easy it is to configure a RedEye system, especially compared to the complicated programming that most integrators are used to."

C.E.D. offers products from ATON, Bell'O International, Chief Manufacturing, Da -Lite Screen Company, ELAN Home Systems, Energy, Fujifilm, Furman Sound, Jamo, JVC, LG, OmniMount Systems, Onkyo, Proficient Audio Systems, QSC Audio Products, RedEye, Repair Master, Sanus Systems, Sharp, Sunfire, Toshiba, Ultralink, Vutec, WyreStorm, Yamaha and others.

About ThinkFlood
ThinkFlood ( designs and develops networked remote control hardware and software. Its first commercial application, RedEye, turns the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch into a personal remote that allows control of virtually any home entertainment device from any room in the home. RedEye mini offers a similar level of control in a low -cost, portable form. All RedEye networked universal remotes offer features and functionality previously available only in remotes costing several times as much. Founded in 2007, ThinkFlood is a privately held company headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. Sign up for ThinkFlood's RedEye newsletter at

With over 4,000 fans and counting, RedEye is the most popular remote control on Facebook

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About Consumer Electronics Distributors, Inc.
Consumer Electronics Distributors, Inc. (CED) ( is a full service wholesale distributor to the custom installation industry and independent retailers of all sizes. Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, C.E.D. has been the premier consumer electronics distributor in the Chicago market since its founding in 1992. C.E.D. has a clear understanding of its partners' strategies, extensive product knowledge, some of the best training courses in the industry, and experience in all channels of distribution.

Christina Carlson
ThinkFlood, Inc
617 -299 -2000 x1005

Nathan Longbottom
Consumer Electronics Distributors, Inc.
847 -656 -8457

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