Digital Projection Launches New Powerful 1080p 3 -Chip Projector Line

Digital Projection International announces the launch of their new HIGHlite Cine 1080p-260 and HIGHlite Cine 1080p-260 HC projectors.

ATLANTA, GA - June 23, 2010 Digital Projection International, an Emmy® Award -winning manufacturer of high -performance projection systems, announces the launch of their new HIGHlite Cine 1080p -260 and HIGHlite Cine 1080p -260 HC projectors. The new HIGHlite Cine series delivers brilliant image fidelity through DPI's expert implementation of Texas Instruments' 3 -chip DLP® technology. Conservatively priced for such high -performance projectors, the HIGHlite Cine series continues DPI's legacy of delivering powerful and efficient displays for every venue.

There are two versions of this all -new and remarkably affordable 3 -chip projection platform. The first is the HIGHlite Cine 1080p -260 HC (High Contrast), which is optimized to produce 2,000 lumens and a stunning 20,000:1 contrast ratio on screens up to 12' wide. The second is the HIGHlite Cine 1080p -260 HB, optimized to produce maximum brightness, delivering up to 3,500 lumens for small to mid size venues needing as bright a picture as possible, while still retaining the benefits of 3 -chip DLP imaging.

The compact and ultra quiet HIGHlite Cine displays boast 1080p resolution, integrated electronics and straightforward user interface, rendering them perfect and precise solutions for installations where simplicity and imaging quality are paramount.

Showcasing an elegant new body design, the HIGHlite Cine 1080p -260 models address a common request among commercial integrators who have been seeking DPI's industry -leading imaging performance from a smaller, sleek cabinet. The new Cine series design is also incorporated in DP's new single -chip M -Vision Cine LED and M -Vision Cine 260 models, as well as all TITAN models equipped with the company's new CINEskin enclosure.

The HIGHlite Cine 1080p -260 fills a key position in DPI's product line. Both the award -winning 3 -chip TITAN 1080p -700 and LIGHTNING 40 -1080p are already widely recognized as the ultimate projection displays for their enduring performance in the most demanding applications. Additionally, the single -chip iVision, dVision and new M -Vision displays are renowned for their stellar image quality for smaller screens and corporate meeting spaces. The new HIGHlite Cine series delivers DLP® 3 -chip image fidelity for commercial applications with medium -sized screens, at a price point more akin to the top end of DPI's single -chip product line.

Installation flexibility is broad, due to the HIGHlite Cine's compact and lightweight chassis design, and extraordinary lens shift range of 120% vertical and 30% horizontal. Multiple high quality lens options provide further flexibility, with .7 and 1.0:1 fixed lenses plus zoom lenses with throw ratios ranging from 1.25:1 up to 5.0:1. Connectivity includes two HDMI inputs, as well as RGB via D -15, component, composite and S -Video inputs.

Mike Levi, President of Digital Projection Inc., commented, "The HIGHlite Cine 260 provides DPI's legendary 3 -chip imaging at a price level never before attained by a precision, 3 -chip DLP display. We are thrilled to be introducing this new series to our customers, and look forward to expanding the HIGHlite Cine lineup over the coming years."

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